Sunday, December 30, 2007

Being Pregnant

I'm 28weeks tired sudah mau tau tu baby's gender. Asal the baby's healthy is fine by me. We havent picked out a boy name yet. Katau lah kalau your husband yang football fan ni, semua tu nama-nama ganjil kluar..hmmm!!! I dunno why but I like it when people guessing on the gender...ada saja dorang punya comment.."Macam perempuan ni...sebab sampai siring tu perut kau bulat".... "I think lelaki ni, sebab belakang kau ada shape.." hehehe... My mom in-law mau lelaki but my dad may perempuan....

So far I enjoyed being pregnant, the kickings & baby moving is really exciting, except for the 1st 3 months my morning sickness but itupun not juga teruk, but i hate the feeling mau muntah & the smell of the sesame oil uugghh!! and of course the 2 stretch marks timbul recently...inda bagus tu Pureen Lotion...i should've stick to Josie's advice using Colonial Dames..tapi punya mahal!!!

I did'nt gain much weight during this pregnancy...macam baru 3kg. Ok jugalah coz i'm consider overweight juga. At first, worried jugalah, but Didi & my doctor pun relax saja ok lah tu mangkali, and everybody tidak notice sya pregnant untill my 7th months. They said tidak nampak my perut. Konon my badan besar or ada juga cakap coz saya jeemuk, so thats why tidak nampak, but i think sebab my nenen besar....hehe.

3months to go..!! so excited + nervous...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Updates Updates lama I didnt update this blog. Finally the internet is up again...
Got a new job. Highlighted my hair red...Christmas hair maaa..
As for my pregnancy, still dunno whether its a boy or a girl...pandai lagi mau kasih tapuk. I'll update more, IF sya rajinlah...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Gelee & Osso + baby


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