Thursday, July 31, 2008

Regina & Jerry's Wedding

Last weekend was Gerry's cousin Regina's wedding. Regina Gondipon & Jerry Lojikim's holy matrimony was held at Stella Maris church and wedding reception the day after at KDCA. Congratulation to both of you.

happy bride ready to be married

her brother Vincent giving her away..

"take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.."

newlyweds with the priest..

Girl, me, Juliana, Elizabeth, Janet & MIL

Mr&Mrs Vitalis with baby gaga

blue team, Mr&Mrs Albert with baby gaga

newlyweds wedding reception at KDCA

Yam seng..!!

training dari kici...

Umbok sexy dance pose

Gaga with granpa
Bonging & MIL

uuuuh belon...!!

mama boy with belon...

balloons for granchurren..

Bapa with belon...

last but not least, Jo with belon...hehe

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Susu saya

Lady : Berapa bulan sudah anak kau ni?
Me : 4 bulan...
Lady : Besar ooooo...!!!! Apa susu kau kasih minum dia ni?
Me : Susu saya... :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Everything Onesize

If you want to save money & tired of buying sized diaper, Onesize diaper would be it. Onesize diaper can fit most babies from about 8 lbs- 35 lbs, means from newborn to potty training. An investment that will save you money throughout your diapering time.

These are my onesize stash so far. My gaga is growing up so fast, thats why I invest on these diapers...

JustDucky Lime Dots OS, Happy Heiny's Red OS, Wahmies Sleepy Sheep OS, Bumgenius Twilight OS
Mummy's Touch Soccer ball AIO OS, Mummy's Touch Hawaian OS, Baby Kanga Peacock OS,
3 Haute OS, Plum Blossom, Lemon & Robins Egg Blue
(I love Haute OS pocket diapers, found these to be a great fitting for my baby)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bumbo experience

Since Abrey berabis mau angkat his kepala/badan if he kana limpang. I decided to put him on a Bumbo seat...

he looked so happy..

macam duduk krusi boss

look ma, no hands..!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

CD workshop

I was at the CD workshop organized by Sandra last saturday. I learned a few tips from other CD mommas on diaper rash. Sandra made it informative & orderly & of course interesting. I got really excited + nervous when she mentioned got pop-quiz on cloth diapers... hehehe. Apalagi when she bilang ada prize, sikit lagi sia mau tiru jawapan si Dena...

Right after the workshop session finished, nah semua trus masuk bilik Sandra pigi tinguk CDs & wipes...hahaha. Sia masih di meja sibuk makan cuppies si Dena, I took the biggest "tamaha"... eeee sedap ooo!!!

CD mommas Aunty J, Osindak, Dena and osso79 ;)

mengahayati Drybees CD while Sandra preparing invoice for Susan

Aunty J pilih wipes while Dena deciding on which MPB fitted mau beli...hehe

Sunday, July 20, 2008

4months already!!

Abrey turned four months. Weighing 7.9kg, 68cm tall...
Most of the 6months cloth he can muat now, even the 12months pun he can pakai.

can do "uh-uh-yang"

berabis mau angkat kepala/duduk

love to minta angkat his grandma

and love kana kasih duduk mandi

this very cute pyjama size 6month he can muat already....Thanks Uloi!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Siambun's Kaamatan Party 2008

All I have to say is, I missed this year kaamatan. Gerry was not feeling very well, so I have to tinguk the pictures only.. :( Let the pictures tell the story lah, cos i was not there, enjoy...

the prizes

Jimonon also got price..

Jag won 3rd place for the piggy ride

Eyonn got 3rd lumba lari

Josie got 1st lumba lari

Ibi & Pipop with their kids

Ibi promoting her wine

game wajib...surung macis

who's ass?

Daddy & Josie with their kakang

kangkang lagi Vie...go Megan!!

preparing for the bread eating contest...

Ken showing off his bread..


Go Alex..

top top & Mike..

top top won, with the help of his mummy punya kiapan...

Pertandingan minum beer..

contestants very excited...

explaining the rules..I think

Josie with her wine...
Jolene & Jovita(J.C) very very excited...

1st leg, Ram, Jolene, Jovita & Gogo

alaaa Jolene...ko kana kalah aunty kau..

2nd leg, Megan, Vivi, Didi & look at didi bah sudah!!!

Didi leading her team

Titi, top & Mayo

Mike, Leslie & JJ

Didi's team kena disqualified....Lut's team manang, hence the lompatan gumbira

group pic of Jolene, Leo, Lut, Vivi & leslie

newspaper game

Jerry the judge
Team Didi & Alex

Team Bibi & Paulinus
Team Ram & Megan

Team Jade & Leonard
Team Jovita & jerome

Team Jolene & Leslie
Team Lut & Vivi

Dancing dulu...

Main buyuk...sebab Jade kici
Alon babo Josia

newpaper makin kici

this style or this style

one leg Ram...Mike keberatan sudah

Lut's team manang

not ketinggalan ...poco-poco

Last but not least group pic


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