Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year Christmas was the same as every year as i expected, only this year we got baby Gaga with his very first Christmas.

After mass, then a family dinner, proceed to my parents house to celebrate my dad's birthday...then buka presents!!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy...!!

Baby Gaga tolong Akung potong kek..

Tolong buka present..

and tolong makan kek.. ;)

big presents for Baby Gaga...mummy is so happy!!

Presents for my mama..

Gerry got a new tie from Lut & Alice, new sandals from Didi

and also from Josie..

yep, she love her new pair of jeans from Didi..

present from Didi..

Jag & Gerry showing off their christmas presents

thanks Lut & Alice...

Thanks Didi.. :))

another pair of shoes from Didi

I wonder what Alice got for Lut

from Josie to Alice..

Love this picture..

Christmas present from Didi..

a watch from Lut to Alice..

Baby Gaga playing with his new activity walker..

Jimonon got a cool drumset for christmas...

and this is from Santa...Baby gaga got his two front teeth..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mineral Pigments

Punya malas sia mau blog nowadays, but since I bought some pigments I want to share it with you guys, because the colors is oh so gorgeous...!!!

"M.A.C DEFINITION: Pigment is a highly concentrated loose color powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Pigment is available in matte and frosted finishes and comes in an excellent range of colors. Use to create a subtle wash of color or an intense effect. Pigment does not streak or cake, is easy to blend and long-lasting."

But first I want to show you what I bought from Donggongon recently...two Qianyu eye palette for rm4.90 each at this small kedai india satu row sama KFC.

Qianyu eye palette...rm4.90 each

look at the swatches...!! Very pigmented...love love the olive color..

uuuuh...what is this? My pigments arrived..yay!!!

this is by far my favourite shades of pigments....I was like ooooh aaaah when i swatched it on my hand.
You can view all the swatches here

you can order in 1/4 or 1/2 or full in a jar or baggy...I choose baggy coz its cheaper & tiada tempat simpan..

Sia main makeup makeup the whole afternoon...
for this look, I used peacock & blackstar, and Elianto gold powder for higlights..can u say gorgeous!? GORGEOUS!!

Oh and this is baby Gaga mau minta tunjuk his invisible eye makeup...hehe

Online pigments can get at Empointe-pigments & Secret Summer

Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Obsession - Make up

OMG I'm crazy about make-up now, when I saw one of the video from this girl Aubrey trus ter"addicted" bah...I love her makeup videos!!

Her Smokey Teal is my favorite so far..

To start with my make-up frenzy, I bought few brushes, eye primer and eye palette...I only can afford elianto, mahal bah tu M.A.C gila...oh how i wish sia kana tu jackpot..!!!

a few brushes from elianto, and blush brush (rm6) from S&M 1Borneo

eye primer from elianto, for eye base...but I want the Urban Decay Primer Potion juga!!

Elianto having sale right now, so i bought a couple of eyeshadow & a gold colour powder

frosted eye colour in Grass Green, got this for RM1.00, for purchasing rm50 and above..yay!!

and Markwins eye palette, 20 colors for RM12.90 at Guardian...sorry ada tangan Abrey, hehe

Today I tried using the frosted green & the markwins eye palette, to create "smokey frosted green" konon...so far turned out cantik juga...

bulih bulih lah for beginners kan...hehe

my smokey frosted green look ;)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh no my diaper bag!!

My diaper bag I bought from Sandra 8months ago right after beranak, the tangkai sudah putus!!! . ..if wanna jahit the tangkai pun cannot...tidak bulih save sudah, hubby said kalau mau pun, ganti the whole tangkai, I sungguh sedih... :(

For the time being, I just use this sling bag that I bought at Manila for 150peso, to kasih temporary ganti my diaper bag. Cantik kan this sling bag, menyesal sia beli 1 saja, i should've bought 3 ka...isshk.

So, I was actually looking for a backpack for a diaper bag, since forever...!!! Backpack for diaper bag is so much easier when travelling...I want a backpack yang got girlish sikit, not yang macam school bag tu....then terjumpa juga, when I was not actually looking for a bag that day...selalu begitu oh, bila mau cari tu barang ...tiada, kalau tidak cari...sana depan mata.

I got this backpack at warisan square for half price, only RM19.95!!! woo hoo...got 3 colors but I guess black goes with everything kan...but I also want the brown!!! Nantilah sia pi beli lagi...lagipun only rm20.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8 months boy

Yay....so fast he's already 8 months. Weighing 10.6kg (punya barat!!!!! mau patah pinggang!!!) and 72cm tall. Quite active boy, he can't limpang still...very the "gizukon". I remembered when Uloi said when Abrey still 2months old "tunggu lah bila dia jadi gizukon, kana test jugalah tu kesabaran"....I wondered how hard could it be? Nah!!! ni kali lah sia rasa, hahaha...

love kana kuluput kumbang

i wanna take everything yang mommy pigang

after mandi...look at the lunoks!! bulih challenge mommy punya lunok..

in my playpen

I love playing with my Akung luyang...

looks comfy at the car seat yang mommy belum pasang lagi, sampai ada sarang labah-labah..


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