Monday, March 31, 2008

Sempat lagi bah...

My jari-jemari cannot tahan to order online oooo...

1 day before beranak I ordered a travel wipe case from Peekaroobaby. I know i would'nt be using it that soon, but manalah it is quite handy when we brought baby Abrey to poliklinik to check-up on his jaundice, , tidak lah payah bawa the big whole wetwipes. But we havent got any taik "blowout" lagi since he's been a good baby...tiiiidur saja. Nasib jugalah...

Blue Zone peek-a-wipes case

After beranak pula, I found out Sandra MiaBambina is having 10% sale for the month of March. Yipeedeedoo!! Nah!!! Apalagi... I was interested with the Baby Couture Diaper Bag. but inda siok kalu 1 saja, so sia tambah 1 Kissaluvs size 1 fitted (I know baby Abrey masih newborn, but never too early maa...) lagipun tidak tau lagi bila Si Sandra mau buat sale...and thank you Sandra for the "new momma" gift.. ;)

Alexis Blue
comes with
Changing Mat, Wipes Case/Removable Dry Bag/Amenities Bag...I like!!!

I just love blue/choc stripes..!!! So matchy-matchy with my wipe case...

Kissaluvs fitted...I bought the Sky blue..

There you online mission.... Tim, Uloi & Juju is coming back this May!!!! more shopping to go...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Labor #1 : Heavy Duty

My first few words to the nurses who changed my hospital gown after I woke up after giving birth, was "Heavy duty juga ni beranak kan...gilaa"

I felt a mild contraction on monday morning around 9am...I was chatting with my cousins & asked me to time my contraction, but didnt kira the timing, coz belum lagi that sakit. I told Gerry about the contraction at noon...and remind him to finish the baby cot, trus baru mau pigi cat..!!

3.30pm : woke up from my afternoon nap, I felt it more intense and start timing it...15mins apart.

5.30pm : Down to 8mins apart...SMSed Didi about my contraction & she said bulih sudah pigi Hospital. But I said, sya mau mandi dulu & cuci rambut..."if I terberanak tonite sure cannot cuci hair for 1 month.."

7.00pm : Gerry belum sampai lagi..contraction 5-6mins apart...Didi & MIL offer to send me to Hospital, but sya mau Gerry juga hantar. Hehe..

8.00pm : Arrived Hospital Likas. Didi did the check-up on me....& she yang juga kurik-kurik my bobong, & I saw her glove ada darah.

9.00pm : Change to pink hospital gown. Check-in Wad Kenanga 2. Gerry takajut, coz he did'nt expect im gonna beranak sudah soon. Dia fikir bulih balik rumah lagi.

After 9.00pm I didnt bother to look at the time. Contraction is sure sakit, but still bearable. Muntah my dinner...there goes my energy.

10 something pm
, Didi came with mama...checked my bobong again & i'm 4cm dilated. She told me, the nurses tidak berani check my bobong, dunno why...

Half an hour later, nurses came with trolley bed and transfer me to the labor room.

Didi broke my waterbag...

Cannot stand the pain & demand for epidural...I think Didi got irritated by me, coz balik-balik saya tanya where is the epidural doctor...and she said "Kau fikir kau saturang saja kah patient di sini hospital.." kuang, kuang, kuang...

I was in the labor room for 12hrs...and been pushing for 2hrs. There's when I pushed they said..."aaah ngam lah tu, ajan lagi" & I pushed again..."...mmm salah tu cara ko ajan..." tapi samaaa saja sya push dari tadi lagi, I really dunno what's the difference.

At 7am, I'am already 9cm dilated but it stucked there until 9.30am....punya lama!!! nasib ada epidural...

Berabis lagi phone Gerry bunyi-bunyi kena call from family members if sya sudah beranak ka belum, sampai habis phone battery dia.

Ada lagi ketawa sama-sama tu mid-wives sebab epidural kan, sya tidak rasa sakit pun...sempat lagi minta cermin , sebab mau tinguk sampai mana tu kepala kluar...

Every half an hour or an hour, I can hear babies crying of being born...there's time where Gerry told me i'm the only one left in the wad bersalin who belum beranak lagi, every room was empty except for room 7. There this one moment I was pushing..everyone was "ya!! push lagi..!!push lagi..!!" & ada juga bilik sebelah pun "ya!! push lagi..!!push lagi..!!"...the mid-wives said to me, "hah Joyce, bertanding lah kamu, siapa dulu keluar....then we heard baby cries di sebelah bilik...I was so frustrated.

The epidural started to wear off & it was really-really painfull...tidak bulih lagi senyum-senyum. Sudahlah I can't drink water, only a few sips & to kasih basah-basah my bibir...trus ada juga Gerry kasih minum sya holy water, hahaha!!! Holy water from my mom kana bawa that morning when Didi minta hantar baju.

The doctor said its been too long & mesti vacumm. But the mid-wives berusaha juga mau saya push supaya tidak kena vacumm. Last-last I gave up & said..."Ah..vacumm lah...".

When the specialist came, the room is sooo packed macam bulih sampai 20ppl...Gerry, Didi, 2 mid-wives, 1 doctor, 1 specialist, 1 paediatric doctor, & lots of training doctors...sya pun tidak paduli sudah.

Punya slow lagi tu specialist mau explain to me what he's gonna do...this & that...sudahlah orang kesakitan the contraction...even when he gunting my bobong pun sya tidak rasa...then I saw him pull, punya berabis lagi dia pull..& I thought..kalau dia pun susah mau tarik..apalagi saya mau push.

Finally baby Abrey is out at 11.37am...I did'nt manage to look at his face, only his back & balabak, coz dorang trus bawa kluar immediately after potong the umbilical cord. Suddenly the room trus empty, tinggal me, Gerry & 1 mid-wife who jahit my bobong yang vusas...then sya trus patah.

Memang betul-betul heavy duty, really dunno if I can go through it again...

I dedicate this entry to Gerry & Didi who being there for me through labor. I love you both too!!

but most of all to Gerry who took care of me & baby Abrey...

Daddy in action..

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Lets welcome baby Garreth Abrey Gerry Asing a.k.a Gaga...
Born at 11.37am. 51cm long. 3.5kg

Good quality picture of baby Gaga. Thanks to Aunt Didi for her super canggih phone...

Garreth Abrey 4hours old after delivery

Gaga with proud daddy

Monday, March 17, 2008

Knock! Knock!

Knock! Knock!
-Who's There?
-mommy who?
Your Mommy, wondering when you wanna got out & meet everybody out here..?

Nah punya banyak orang sms & YM me asking "sudah beranak ka belum.." even MIL masuk bilik 2kali this morning asking ada tanda-tanda sudakah belum...

Betul kah sex can induce the labor..? is masturbating counts..? hahahaha

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stretch Marks!!

This is how bad my stretch marks looks like, I swear I did not scratch it....I've been using soooo many brands of stretch marks oil/lotion that contains vitamin E from the cheapest Pureen to the most expensive Colonial Dames, pun sama juga...

Punya sakit hati sya beli the Colonial Dames oil, cost me RM59.90, can buy 1 Drybees pocket worrr, and this oil habis 2weeks saja...but I made Gerry pay for that oil lah, but still!!!

my stretch marks yang bida

So eventhough I bought the most expensive stretch marks oil pun sama juga...bagus sya beli MiaBambina's Stretch Mark relief oil, price is RM35...I love the aromatherapic smell...!!

"Blended specially for us by expert aromatherapist .
Using only the best grade of essential oil and carrier oil.
Helps lighten and diminish stretch marks"

and the packaging is oh so nice...everytime after using it, I put it back to its packaging nicely while smilling to myself...I dunno why, gives me this happy feeling...because cantik kan..!!
Oh and a great gift for mama-to-be. Ada juga she jual Celulite Relief herbal Oil.

Friday, March 14, 2008

RM10,000 not 10,000 B.C

I paid our streamyx recently RM100 from Maybank, & a few days after that I checked our TMonline whether they receive our payment...skali sya tinguk nah!!!!! RM10,000 bah sya bayar...!! so sya tidak payah bayar lah internet this for the rest of my life..!!!! Yipee... ko rasa tu orang TM silap takan sebab dia baru tinguk tu 10,000 B.C kali tu kan..

Tapi bilang Gerry, dorang dapat detect juga tu nanti...!!! Cheh...tidak bulih tinguk orang happy.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ayam Kampung allll the way..!!!

MIL : "Joyce...sya sudah beli ayam kampung"

Dalam fikiran sya..."punya awal? Sya belum pun beranak, tidak buruk kah tu dalam icebox"...

MIL : "Tidak cukup ni ayam kampung ni...nanti sya pigi cari lagi..."

My ever ready MIL sudah kasih ready ayam kampungs for my confinement nanti..all the way makan ayam kampung.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CD Online the max!!!

My first CD purchase is of course from Sandra MiaBambina, but my first online CD purchase is from Babyz n Mom I bought 2 Heiny Hugger fitted size Newborn, because it has a notch cut out for the cord. I got 5% off of my 1st buy when I create an account at Babyz n syiok!!

Heiny Hugger size NB

I also bought 2 fitted diaper from Denna, she bought those like a dozen from Mandi's Menagerie and willing to sell a few.

fitted diaper from Mandi's Menagerie

I wanted to buy another brand fitted diaper which is Kissaluvs size 0, also features an umbilical cord snap-down for newborns, but i was waiting for Sandra to restock her Small size Thirsties cover diaper. Fitted diapers are not waterproof, that's why need to have a cover.

As a mama to be & CD addict I just can't wait for the diaper cover to restock. When my sister told me at our CNY party, that my cousin already gone to US and will be there for 3weeks, thats when I started online CD hunting.

I was really excited during the CD hunting, there were so many discounts on every CD websites in the US because of Valentine's shipping, 5%-15% off. I went crazy..!!! I was like "yes!!! Yess!!!" like macam kalau buang tu bowling ball trus strike...punya action. Saturang at 2am di bilik...haha

I compile this whole list of CDs Sort by type, sort by brands & prices with all the websites & by this I can compare & know which website got the most cheapest price of all..

My first International online purchase was from Diaper Daisy they had a Valentine sale & gave 5% off on the entire purchase & free shipping if u buy $50 and above...or just pay $1.99 under $50. I just love a website when they have a sale or clearance categories...they have Happy Heiny's pocket diaper on sale...and the prints are very very I bought 4 of Happy Heiney's pocket without having second thoughts. Lagipun mau free shipping kan...

very very cute print of Happy Heiny's pocket diaper...cute kan!!!!!!!! Ya I know ada pink & flowers, tapi so what...cute maaaa!!!

But after i went through so many websites....i actually found few website sell much cheaper Happy Heiny's pocket, such as Granola Babies & Nature Nappies but none yang ada print yang I want. hehe...

I also bought a few Jolly Bums Velour wipes from this website because this wipes is the top rated wipes in DiaperPin. Many claimed these wipes is super soft & well made for baby's bum.

Super soft Jolly Bums Velour wipes...

2nd purchase is from Baby Hope's cloth Diapers free shipping above $25. time sya beli they have no discount sale, but now for the month of March dorang ada 5% discount tu...kurang asam. But still they have the cheapest Sugar Plum fitted, tender tush fitted, fuzzi bunz pocket & karma sling. But now everything yang sya beli sold out sudah except for karma sling tinggal 1 lagi but lain pattern lah. I will buy more from this website of course...

Sugar Plum fitted, i love stripes!!! & Tender Tush Organic fitted, I bought this because its on clearance.

Fuzzi Bunz Pocket all Abroad ..Choo!! Choo!! plus free microfibre insert, I only bought one, just to try out this brand.

and a very gorgeous Bella karma sling pouch, I can already imagine myself wearing it during church or stylish liao!!

3rd purchase from Monkey Toe Diaper ada 5% discount but this one i paid $5 for shipping sebab mesti above $75. Tapi skarang dorang bagi free shipping above $25, kurang asam again!! I bought 3 small Drybees pocket, 2 old prints & 1 new print. Masa ni Sandra belum ada print Drybees for S size...but now got already. I also bought their own cotton doubler...manatau my lampin need boosting.

Drybees Pocket S size, top one is Candy Stripes, which Sandra have in stock recently & 2 Drybees old prints, black leopard (..ahrrrr!!!) & Retro Waves...

Monkey Toe Cotton doubler...

4th purchase is all about cover diaper from Banana Peels Diaper free shipping above $50 and got 5% discount. I bought 2 Bumkins diaper cover because the print cute malatup & 2 Thirsties cover diaper because it is also paling top rated di DiaperPin, plus Happy Heiny Oval hemp insert supaya kasih cukup $50, sya tiamau bayar shipping bah. Lagipun hemp is a very absorbant, boleh juga kasih guna doubler.

2 Bumkins cover, Blue Fizz & Blue Stripes
2 Thirsties Cover, Aqua & Lavender

Happy Heiny Oval hemp insert

5th purchase is from Earth Angel Diaper Co. my favorite purchases of all, i got 10% discount & paid only $1.75 for shipping. Since Sandra didn't carry any small size of My Precious Baby fitted so sya pi cari sini lah, but now pun sold out juga small size, tinggal M/L, nasib sya sempat. Hihi, and I got this cute Just Ducky Deluxe AIO(all-in-one) sell at seconds. It is not second hand, marked as Seconds because tag says Small but diaper is actually an Extra Small...trus apalagi, "add to cart" hihi....

Just Ducky Deluxe AIO-XS, Flannel star print with Fuscia Pink Plush Interior & My precious Baby fitted-S, Black with Pink Interior (pink snaps) matching cow doubler.

Just Ducky Fuscia Pink Plush Interior, very soft!!! & MPB Pink Interior w/cow doubler, very cute oooo!!!

6th is from Abby's Lane i got 5% discount also, but paid $2.50 for shipping coz tidak sampai $50. I bought 2 kissaluvs size0 here, and a Mommy's Touch Wetbag. Mommy's Touch wetbag is the most cheapest wetbag I found so far. I love the idea that is has a loop that can be hung over a doorknob for home use, save some space than having a pail...

2 Kissaluvs unbleached size 0 with an umbilical cord snap-down

Mommy's Touch regular wetbag Lavender colour, 11"x13", ...can put up to (4-5) dirty CDs & inserts.

next purchase is about accessories, Snap-Eze is having Great Deals on clearance item.
$2 for 6's diaper microfleece Liner,
$4 for 6's wipes and
$10 for changing pad+wetbags(ini sold out sudalah). What a great deal kan..!!!

from Snap-Eze

Microfleece is same as nappy liners, but this one can cuci balik-balik sampai bila-bila. I bought Boyish, Neutral & Girly liner so now I have 18pcs of liners.

Why I have that many? because its cheap, and the liner cutting is just perfect fit for any small size fitted diaper & pocket diaper.

Why do i put a microfleece liner walaupun all the pocket diaper pun guna microfleece? because i dont want any stain on my pocket diaper...sayang bah..!!!

Snap-eze liner with Kissaluvs size 0 fitted & Drybees pocket size S.... perfect fit.

Snap-Eze also got special Dealz on nursing pads & mommas pad, ada juga Diaper Dealz...siapa interested can go here. Snap-eze 4 life.

On Valentines day Dapper Diaper Store having free shipping with no minimum order so I bought this cool accessories, Breast Feeding Buddy for $9.99.

"The Breast Feeding Buddy provides you with instant and easy hands free coverage for breastfeeding. BFB Features handy metal clasps that hook to any cloth or blanket and is small enough to carry in your purse!"

I can just use the lampin as my senang kan..!!

Next, I bought 2 Prorap Classic cover from ThePin FSOT. Yes it is used cover, but I dont mind since its a cover diaper anyway...kalau dia fitted or pocket, baru sya gali lah. Apalagi kalau ada stain, eew!!

Why I bought Prorap Classic cover? because its the 2nd top-rated in DiaperPin and...

"The Newborn Prorap Classic have great features : a cutout for the sensitive umbilical cord area to aid in healing, double gussets that work really well at keeping runny newborn messes contained, and easy velcro tabs that give a great fit for any baby. The newborn size fits perfectly over a Kissaluvs Size 0 fitted diaper"

This cover is so perfect kalau sya bawa pi hospital nanti, just plain white no prints...kalau kana curi pun inda apa, second hand juga..hihi!!

2 Prorap Classic have a cutout for the sensitive umbilical cord

Prorap Classic with Kissaluvs Size 0

Prorap Classic with Heiny Hugger size Newborn

Last one, I bought this Celtic Wolf Creation wool cover from DiaperSwappers it is new & not been used, but i got it for half price.

Why do I buy wool cover? Sebab si Denna bilang bagus ada wool cover and sya pun mau testing 1-2-3... ;)

Ok thats I have more than enough CDs for my baby....tradisional basic cloth diapering system lah mangkali....!!! Skarang apa jadi...
Ada lagi relatives coming over from US this year....Now, more CD hunting for Medium Size & One Size & AIO....muahahaha!!!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Prenatal Vitamins


This is how many types of vitamins i've been consume during my pregnancy so far, tomorrow ada lagi tambah 1 jenis.

Flaxseed Oil of course is very important because it contains Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids. Build cell walls & are essential for the proper development & function of baby's central nervous system, contribute to foetal brain & eye development. For momma, help to maintain healthy skin.

Prenatal MultiVitamin from Spring Valley (from Uloi) -

  • Complete multi vitamin and mineral supplement for pregnant and lactating women.
  • High in Folic Acid, Iron and Zinc.
  • Helps optimal development of the embryo and fetus.
  • Calcium with Vitamin D from Spring Valley (from Uloi) -

    Reduce the risk of

  • Osteoporosis in late life
  • High blood pressure
  • Preeclampsia
  • Benefits for Baby

  • Help to support baby's bones formation which begins between 4th and 6th weeks of life.
  • Essential especially during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy to support the rapid formation of baby's skeleton & teeth.
  • Last but not least is the Complete set of Salindah from Era Edar.

    This is a Homeopathic preparation for expecting mother from early stage of pregnancy until lepas pantang.

    Start from B1(12thweek) to L12 (21st day after deliver).


    This is also recommended by my sis-in-Law. My friend said this is a very good product for the mom & baby. My sis-in-law Uloi said, cepat dia beranak after taking Salindah. Betul ka Uloi?

    Tu "bobong" kuyak pun cepat heal...dorang bilang lah...

    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Lesson #16

    My baby pun ada tuition juga even he's still belum beranak. I've start using BabyPlus on my 18th week. My sisters-in-law recommended it to me, and borrowed it to me since she's not using it right now.

    Right now i'm at Lesson #16, the final lesson and the babyplus punya sound macam techno music, the beat is so fast......macam dia pula happening every nite macam pigi clubbing, hahahaha!!!!

    "Babies who have enjoyed Babyplus cry less, are more relaxed and show greater alertness from the very beginning. They will want to learn more, and earlier than other children. Encourage their abilities in whatever way their genetic predisposition and learning take."

    More about babyplus at

    Bah kita tinguk nanti kalau baby sya kuat nangis kah tidak...

    Monday, March 03, 2008

    Testing from Windows Live Writer

    testing 1-2-3...


    Testing insert picture, with effect...

    Ya oh Len, betul-betul senang oooooo

    Sunday, March 02, 2008


    Can you feel it..!!!!!!!!! I'll blog about it after I pre-wash all the CD's...I love em' oh so much...!!

    Diaper covers is still in jemuran...

    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    How u guys do it..??

    To all mamas who is working and taking part-time classes and have kids while pregnant...I just wanna do you guys do it??....

    Last week, I was so stressed-up, working with 2 midterm exams coming, baby getting heavier plus did'nt get much sleep..(because of the online shopping...*wink*wink*). I told Gerry that I don't want to go to work anymore, because i need some rest & i have'nt finish packing & washing all the baby's cloth...but he said, just tahan & it will be a few days more untill my last days of work...I cried myself to sleep...:( Itupun baru pregnant, belum lagi after beranak.

    Then, how about the others yang i know...My friend Lelen who is taking same course with me, have 2 kids...last 2 semester...after beranak boleh lagi ambil final exam. My cousin ollol also have 2 kids now, just delivered a baby girl also working and taking extra classes, and my sis-inlaw Uloi, working and taking her PHd...while taking care of her baby girl...How u guys do it..??


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