Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2nd Trimester

My 2nd trimester had passed just like that...punya skijap. Meaning..I have a smooth 2nd trimester.

My morning/evening sickness were gone, I can feel the baby is kicking, very active compared to Gaga...my armpits getting darker...so bida!! and so is my nipple(due to hormones that affect pigmentation of the skin) and its getting sore..I noticed that I already produce colostrum yay!!(when I picit, looks exactly like minyak). I'm so looking forward on the next breastfeeding, semangat oh kan!!

As I entered my 1st day of 3rd trimester, I had the most painful like something piercing right under my rib every time I took a deep breath or yawn...ouch!! I went to see the doctor next thing in the morning..and the doctor said, it is common during pregnancy and she can't do anything about it, I just have to control my breath saja.

Dr.B :"Jadi tahan sajalah tu sakit sampai beranak.."

(I'm like, WHAT!!!!??? )
Me :"Punya lama lagi sia mau beranak doktor!!, 3 bulan lagi..."

Dr.B :"Tidak juga bulih makan painkiller, kalau mau pun panadol sajalah...itupun tidak bulih makan banyak sangat.

Me : :(

Thankfully the pain subsides after 3 days...
Bring it on 3rd trimester...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby #2 Wishlist

I should be doing this loooong time ago when Farrah tagged me on her baby #2 wishlist, but I thought last time I'm not pregnant on No.2 yet, so now I do lah...since I'm already preggy kan ;) Tapi kan, Farrah's wishlist macam best oh...so kebanyakan yang dia list, sia pun mau hihiihi...

This wishlist is mostly what I want, it is not importantly needed...but getting it would make me and baby no.2 life more easier ;)

#1. Bengkung/Girdle

Well, I regreted that I did'nt wear any bengkung on my 1st baby...my bulging tummy looks terrible... exactly like the belly bandit "before" picture...after my first delivery...soooo bida!!

I also read, wearing a bengkung is not just for kempis perut...it is also support your back and ease the backpain while breastfeeding. My back used to hurt a lot while breastfeeding because of the strain and positioning, so I prefer BFing laying down that sitting-up...oh my back!!!

I would love getting a good bengkung like Belly Bandit or Bengkung moden, but punyalah mahal!! Tapi for perut and my back sake...i should be getting one of these or just a slightly murah punya bengkung yang still works the same.

Belly Bandit and Bengkung Moden

#2. Electric Breastpump

I have a manual breastpump that was a hand-me-down from my sister. I was OK with a manual breatpumping, saya lagi yang SAHM, but with an active toddler and baby no#2...i think I should be getting the electric one with double pumping...save my time and no more sore hands!!!
I was eyeing the Ameda Lactaline or the Medela freestyle, but again...very the expensive!! Kasih lah saya strike jackpot ni kali...PLEASE!!!

Ameda Lactaline

Medela Freestyle

#3. Nursing Top
Remember when i blogged about just wearing a tube top under a regular shirt just enough for me. It's fine by me, until I saw one of my friend using a nursing top and breastfed her baby... she looked so effortless and the baby was so comfortable...I was like, wow!!! I have to get one of those nursing tops. I don't have to slide my shirt from the bottom all the way to the breast, because nursing tops have special secret layer, so the baby can easily access the nursing openings...

secret front layer...picture taken from Maternalove

#4. My best Friend Nursing Support Pillow
I could use a normal pillow, but this pillow looks promising....
"Helps you maintain good posture during feeding, preventing sore backs and necks"

wow!! I want ooo...!!

I saw this one mama can do hands free using this pillow juga....punya best

#5.Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) or Ring Sling
I only used sling pouch and never tried anything else..
Using SSC is great for outing or even do housework at home...and can even carry an older child in SSC.
Ring Sling...is also great for newborns and...santik!! hehe

outdoor babywearing using Littlepods SSC...picture taken from Malaysian babywearers

JumpSacBaby Ring Sling carrying a newborn

#6.Baby Bouncer/Rocker
I would like to have this because of the mobility, perfect when visiting her Akung/Ina luyang or even lepak in living room, tidak lah terperap di bilik saja, plus bouncer’s calming vibrations soothe and comfort baby. I WANT!!!

Fisher-Price: Cover 'N Play Bouncer at myBBstore.com

#7.Girl print CDs
All those delicious girly printed CDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAARRGGGGGHHH!!!
#8.Changing Table
3 words...oh my back!!!!

Syiok juga buat ni tag ooo hehe....oh i forgot my last wish...winning the lottery ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Satu pasang...

I'm gonna be hearing more of this phrase in the future..:)

Yes, ladies...we're expecting a baby GIRL this time and I'm smiling from ear to ear.

I went for a scan yesterday and the doctor immediately confirmed it..."Can you see the 3 lines between the legs? that means bobong"...no he did not say that exactly lah hehe.

Those who read my previous blog on shopping online for baby cloths, already knew that I always complained that boys clothing don't have that much cute variety that girls clothing and I soooo want a baby girl. I'm gonna go crazy this time nYAHAHAHAHA!!!!...habis berlubanglah bank account saya (and hubby...hihihi)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gaga's 1st barber visit

Gaga just turned 18months and we decided that it is time for his haircut...mummy's "guntingan" makes him look like a girl :(

My MIL recommended us the Kedai Selamat at Buhavan Square Donggongon. I am quite nervous that Gaga's gonna be like giuk and restless, and ter"cut" his ear...and will cry. But fortunately the hairdresser's shaver was silent and Gaga was not even crying!!! He was kind of excited and smiling throughout the hair cutting process...

smiling at himself..;)

haircut begin...

his new hair cut...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Siku lover

I remember my childhood that I love "gigit kumbang" everytime when i want to go to sleep, I can't sleep without my kumbang...me and my brother Oton shared this "comfort habits", bukan share kumbang ah!! My eldest sister Josie loves her bantal a.k.a "iying" and my youngest brother Lut was a thumbsucker + twiddles his rambut or my dad's hair.

My Gaga's comfort habits is siku, he loves elbows...!!! I dunno why, but he would rub it or pinch it. If i purposely bend my arm, he will force and straighten my arm so he can get the "kurudut" skin ;)

while sleeping..

i also like daddy's siku

while playing, I cari mummy's siku

while watching TV

i also like che-che Danik's elbow...

Hehe, cute kan...
Here, I present you a video of Gaga doing a little bit of MJ... enjoy :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st Trimester

Lazy, tired, headache, sleepy, nausea, evening sickness, emotional, sensitive nose, cravings, feeling bloated, alot of burpings, the metal taste on the tongue and the list go on and on and on...

"Feeling sick is actually a good sign that your pregnancy hormone levels are high. This is produced in large quantities until your placenta takes over the job of maintaining and nourishing your baby at around 12 to 14 weeks. " babycenter.com

I should be happy that I feel sick, but to overcome the vomiting & nausea....urgh!!!
I had my 1st and worst sickness on my 9th week, i was vomiting the whole weekend until to the point that i'm afraid to eat anything...it's my fault actually that i was not careful with what I drink & eat.

It started when I had this registration appointment on friday morning at the Poliklinik. I rushed to the poliklinik and did'nt take any breakfast, that's my 1st mistake. The process of registration lasted until noon, I was sooo hungry i gobbled my lunch so fast until I was too full (2nd mistake). I'm so full the whole day, i skipped dinner (3rd mistake).

Saturday morning, I vomited twice, I thought maybe the morning sickness already kicking in. After breakfast, I felt sooo bloated, I wanted to burp but can't...so this silly mummy go and buy cola (4th mistake) and happily burps without thinking any consequences afterwards...Noon, we went to a wedding reception and all the food does not fancy me, so I only ate a little and drink more carbonated drinks (more mistakes). After wedding... went home...took a little nap.

Saturday evening, started feeling nausea and vomiting...then only I kelam kabut went to search online how to cure the sickness....thank goodness my hubby took pity on me and made a hot ginger drink (ginger is the best remedy for sickness in pregnancy). After a few burping and hours later, I felt better.

So now, my everyday drink is either ginger tea or ginger honey. I try to avoid gassy drinks, spicy and fried food. If I crave for cola...I just took a sip lah. Takut lagi jadi macam tu incident.

Looking forward for 2nd Trimester. Till then. ;)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

New Ticker

Yes...i am finally pregnant hihihi... about 11 weeks already now.

We're trying to conceive (TTC) since early this year. I had a false alarm once, I really thought I was pregnant, the test i took looked very positive, I mean the 2 stripes was so terang i immediately MMSed to my closest friends & family, and announced the supposedly "good" news to my family members...1o days later, Kuang kuang kuang...i got a bleeding...macam piriet lah. Well , its my fault I didnt confirmed it first with my obgyn doctor, trus announced to everybody.

About this 2nd pregnancy, i took my 1st test when im expecting my 1st day of mestrual cycle...yeah I know!!! i'm that desperate kan...

I actually had nightmares that someone thought that i'm pregnant already and I know that i'm not.. what they saw was my lunok only... :(

after a few weeks and 2nd test, 3rd test, 4th test fifth test... all positive..!!
What?? i'm sure all of you expectant mommas had more than 10 tests mah!!!..I really need to be sure this time..

pregnancy cartoon
I went to see my obgyn doctor, and wanted him to scan my tummy and to confirm that i'm pregnant...then he said "yes Joyce, you are about 5 weeks pregnant..." Yay!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Juju and Gaga 2009

Recently my SIL Joyce & her daughter Juju visit KK for alsmost a month. Juju 1st meeting with Gaga was about a year ago when Gaga was only 3months old and Juju about 10months. This year they get to play together since they're bigger. Here are the inseparable two :)

hugging her cousin...

more hugs...

dancing to a Barney song....dengan gaya-gaya tersendiri

sitting at Akung's leg support wheelchair

while waiting for Akung kana urut

riding the bike...

curious about the grasshopper

watching barney together..

playing at the stairs together..

playing toys together..

playing at the seats

eating biscuits

playing with hats..

main klip rambut...

Gerry is gonna be pissed if he sees this picture...hihihi

tinguk kura-kura....or he would say "uu-waa"

more hugs in the car...while the mummies pigi bili 4d ;)

juju gerigitan with gaga

gaya street!!

farewell kiss for Juju...till next time

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Project DIY - Piñata

Last week, we celebrated Allen's 4th birthday...1 week before his birthday he wanted a Piñata for his birthday...and constantly asking for it everyday to his mummy...and I volunteered myself to do it for him :)

So off I go to search a tutorial on how to do a Piñata, thanks to youtube I found this great tutorial on how to do a Dragon Piñata.

here is my version of dragon piñata....not exactly, but close....bulihlah!! hahaha

Allen, ready to whack the dragon...

berebut gula-gula...!!

Danika happy with the treats she got..!!

and everybody shared their own sweets....

Happy Birthday Allen!!


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