Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2nd Trimester

My 2nd trimester had passed just like that...punya skijap. Meaning..I have a smooth 2nd trimester.

My morning/evening sickness were gone, I can feel the baby is kicking, very active compared to Gaga...my armpits getting darker...so bida!! and so is my nipple(due to hormones that affect pigmentation of the skin) and its getting sore..I noticed that I already produce colostrum yay!!(when I picit, looks exactly like minyak). I'm so looking forward on the next breastfeeding, semangat oh kan!!

As I entered my 1st day of 3rd trimester, I had the most painful like something piercing right under my rib every time I took a deep breath or yawn...ouch!! I went to see the doctor next thing in the morning..and the doctor said, it is common during pregnancy and she can't do anything about it, I just have to control my breath saja.

Dr.B :"Jadi tahan sajalah tu sakit sampai beranak.."

(I'm like, WHAT!!!!??? )
Me :"Punya lama lagi sia mau beranak doktor!!, 3 bulan lagi..."

Dr.B :"Tidak juga bulih makan painkiller, kalau mau pun panadol sajalah...itupun tidak bulih makan banyak sangat.

Me : :(

Thankfully the pain subsides after 3 days...
Bring it on 3rd trimester...


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