Saturday, January 02, 2010

32 weeks

What??!! Less than 60 days more??...

So far I already did yang paling banyak kerja mau buat dulu, that is washing baby's clothes, wash and fold lampin and Pre-wash newborn Cds... pairing all the mittens & bootees, making sure the wipes & wash cloths is enough...

When i was neatly putting the baby's cloths into the drawers few weeks hubby said to me "Lamaaaaaa lagi bah kau beranak...neeeeext year!!" I just ignore him... I have a feeling this baby will come out early than the EDD.

Wah, so many things more to little time!!! I need to get the baby cot ready, tilam, bantal & bantal bag...wash and sterilize baby bottles and breastpump and a few pink stuff for this baby #2.

Talking about breastpump, I manage to get a few from my wishlist ;)...I hope I can get more of my wish list "done" ;)

As for my physical self, i'm glad that my feet hadn't swollen yet like my previous pregnancy, but my sister said my hidung kambang :(. At first, I denied that I have hidung kambang, but after I saw pictures of me during the christmas celebration recently...urgh!! I looked so bunting...



Magic said...

did you really take the prenatal vits?

I only took the calcium and multi-vits but sometime i tend to forget.

Joyce said...

Yes I still take the
- prenatal vits
- flaxseed oil
- calcium
- salindah's pills
and I just add another recently...
- spirulina

uish!! punya banyak vitamins saya pula ni..

Hidup berani untuk gagal said...

very useful thanks

chegu carol said...

i know who to call for what vitamins and supplements to eat during pregnancy. :)

木須炒餅Jerry said...



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