Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Exams Over

I can finally breath...pheww!!! 1 semester's over....7 more to go.

After our last paper, a few of my coursemate invited me to join them for a karaoke sessions at Cempaka. So long already i didnt go karaokeing. Really had fun that nite.

Everybody having beers except for Francis. He ordered long island tea...!! Nope i dont think he's gay.

Francis.I didnt know that he's related to me all this while and i just found out recently. He's mom & my mom are 1st cousins.... Johnnie singing his heart out...!!!

Ann & Me singing a duet song..!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Exam Week

Its exam week since last week... thats why no updates. Today Discrete mathematics would be my last paper. Will start blogging tomorrow and gonna post some very interesting pics ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Macro magic

Practice makes perfect...

Object : My mom's plastic flower

Object : My cousin Mimi

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Picture of the Day

makes me laugh all the time when i see this pic. hihihi!!!
courtesy from Black Jettas

Tip Of Borneo, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau

Last friday i took half day emergency leave. Coz Lut, Didi & her friend Adam visiting from Adelaide wanna go jalan-jalan to the Tip of Borneo. Then me gatal hati mau ikut.. ;)

Took us 3 and a half freaking hours to get there, but it was worth it. Gotta love the clean & untouched beach. Sea was crystal clear...

Welcome to the Tip of Borneo...!!!


Taking a piss...hihihi!!!

Adam & Didi

left pic : Watch out Adam...!!!
right pic : lut balancing...very slippy here.

left pic : merenung jauh...
right pic : Lut & me...*they pick me up straight from the office ...thats why im wearing a skirt.

Finally were here...

silly pose...

Then after that, we singgah the Rungus Longhouse

Adam & the rungus longhouse

in the longhouse, this longhouse can occupy 11 families...

checking out the guest book..

You know the round thing that looks like a fish trap. and we thought that was kinda big for a fish trap. Then we ask the longhouse keeper, he said it is called "Bubu Adat". When a person commits an adultery, that person was to put in that "bubu" and then they will throw him/her in the river...

The longhouse, this one also we thought it was a lookout. But its a place where when there's a talented girl among the family like she can sew very well, then they will keep the girl there for a show. She's gonna be up there until when someone gonna marry her.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

King and Queen

Not just anai-anai, but my house also got rats. You can hear them run above our ceiling. So my dad got us a kitty, she's so manja mau mati. But you knowlah my mom anti-cats. So she have to stay outside with our dog, King.

Took dad 1 week plus to kasih them biasa together...

King licking d kitty

Kitty eats from King's bowl...while King looks on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More wedding picture

More wedding pictures of Alex & Octavia from Jolene's camera

Octavia's Place

cake cutting ceremony

Tea ceremony pun ada....Alex's granddad & Octavia's dad is chinese.

Alex@Buntat's Place

me running to join the group picture...

daddy want 1 more take...

3 cousins and 1 aunty. guess who's the aunty... punya merah muka Ibi!!!
from top : Jolene
from left : Mimi, me, Ibi (Alex's sister)

Wedding Reception

Then they have a joined wedding reception at KDCA on sunday....

Wedding Reception at KDCA

1st dance

Uncle Freddy Lajanty our neigbour, Marina(Abang Inu's wife), Abang Inu and Uncle Freddy's wife she is also Marina's sister. See everyone is related...& girl(inu's 2nd daughter) who malu-malu to look at the camera.

Josie with Jimonon & Doreen(Alex eldest sister) with her son Farzan

Jimonon & cute!!! Ibi said he look like Mike Tyson.. ;)

Love birds. Rachel & Boy Unan

Atama is in d house y'all..!!!

Do the sumazau like you just dont care..!!

Jimonon tired..

Trevor, Jolene and Girl Inu..(nephew & nieces)

My cousin Gitom(Jolene&Mimi's mom), Jovita(Gitom's sister), Jolene, Mimi & Charles@boy's girlfriend.

Me & Didi

Everyone is dancing

They look so happy together..!!

didi KD(kacau daun..)

Abang Sowitoi (Alex Dad), my daddy with his pancing friends

Left pic : Lut & Me
Right Pic : Mimie, Josie & carl

Octavia's mom dancing with Alex's Dad

Lut & Alex...Alex made all his friend shaved their mustache including Lut.

Kiss to my lovely wife...

too much drinking, Octavia can feel her face is blushing...but they still half way on toasting with everyone who came.

Introducing Mimie my cousin. my mom's youngest bro's daughter. Stayed with us 2weeks already for school holidays. She looks like Didi kan..!!

Carl and Gerry

Singing "You look wonderful tonite" together.

Then we continue partying at Alex's place untill mindnight.

Party continues at Alex's Place

Guys...Group picture all guys of Alex's friends with the newlyweds

But then the girls juga mau ikut ambil gambar..

party all day long till midnight

Video taken during group photo at Alex's


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