Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hari Raya Open house at Hubbs

After lunch at Octavia's then ada makan-makan lagi at Hubbs new house...whee..!!! Randang, sate...kuih makmur....i liiikke!!!

Hubbs new house...Malatup basar!!!

jimonon looking cute here..

we're so full...ntah berapa round tu kami makan

Eyonn & Ella

Delicious kuihs...

pic left : Hubbs with Jimonon
pic right : Cassie is my niece (Abang Inu's youngest daughter. Pet's sister) Her bestfriend is Hubbs younger sister, so that's why she's there too.

Food was great...and lovely house..thanks Hubbs.!!!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, you are right, that house is malatup big! he-he.

Lurv all the pictures you shared here, but where are the rendang, kuih makmur etc...I miss all those food. I only get to enjoy them whenever I go back to Malaysia.


Joyce said...

gambar rendang, kuih makmur...tidak sempat ambil coz sudah lolop habis...;)

Anonymous said...

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