Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Alex & Octavia's Wedding

More shots from Josie's new Sony Cybershort T5 digital camera...

After the church wedding then to Octavia's house for high-tea....

HI-Tea at Octavia's house

It was still raining at noon, & again have to park outside by the road...punya sayang my high heels kena injak tu burutak...:~(...but who cares im so hungry. Burutak pun hentam sajalah. Hilang trus ke "ayu"an..

Having some tea before lunch starts..

Charles@boy, Alex older brother with my dad

bah who will catch my bouquet... and be the next bride to be..!!!

pic left : boy (groom's brother)
pic right : Josie & Mimi(niece, Jolene's eldest sister)

pic left : Lut & me kacau my dad makan
pic right : Abang Inu berabis makan...;)


vivi said...

punya funny abang inu..itu sayur gantung gantung lagi bah

Joyce said...

dadi lah tu ambil ni gambar....trus berabis lagi abang Inu buka mulut dia..


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