Saturday, June 27, 2009

Project DIY - Piñata

Last week, we celebrated Allen's 4th birthday...1 week before his birthday he wanted a Piñata for his birthday...and constantly asking for it everyday to his mummy...and I volunteered myself to do it for him :)

So off I go to search a tutorial on how to do a Piñata, thanks to youtube I found this great tutorial on how to do a Dragon Piñata.

here is my version of dragon piñata....not exactly, but close....bulihlah!! hahaha

Allen, ready to whack the dragon...

berebut gula-gula...!!

Danika happy with the treats she got..!!

and everybody shared their own sweets....

Happy Birthday Allen!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Short or long....both also can :)

First of all I want to congratulate to the newlyweds, my niece Megan & her husband Randy. We went to their wedding reception last sunday at Magelan and the lamb with coffee sauce was heaven mmm yummy...!!!

Megan and Randy

first dance....I love her ruffle dress

OK let's move to our main you most of you guys already know that I recently cut my hair REALLLy short last month...

fresh from the oven hair...

Recently I stumble upon a youtube video and this girl made an updo hair on her short hair... so cool!!! and I was so excited to try it....and a perfect timing to wear it on my niece Megan's wedding reception.

side view

back view....bobby pins a little bit messy here...

Now I know how to do my own hair, at least I can save money on need to go to the salon anymore yay!!!... So girls...long or short hair, your hair is still doable for an updo...

here is the youtube tutorial video...have fun everyone

Last but not least, this one for the family album...:)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Itti Bitti D'lish Limited Edition

Itti Bitti diaper is famous for its trimness and fluffiness... I wanted this diaper since i cant remember... what took me so long to buy this diaper is because im afraid i might get addicted to it since everybody said its their favorite diaper...

When itti bitti annouced their Limited Edition minky prints, Tiger, Moo moo, Pretty in pink polka dot, Sky blue polka dot and strawberry fields polka dot. I couldnt tahan any longer... i want it sooooooo badly....but have to order from Australia..Noooo!!!!!!!

months later, when lildanzel bringing in those limited edition like..GILAA!!!! I WANT!!!!
So I bought 3 just to save on shipping :) Tiger, Moo moo and Sky blue polka dot...kalau bulih I want all 5 diapers but the other 2 is girly colours, I know i already have a tiger print diaper tapi size Medium bah, he tidak ngam already...and I want Moo Moo because I want lah...

Moo moo, Tiger and Sky blue polka dot

Punya best this diapers..!!! I had so much fun wearing it on Baby Gaga, so trim and the fitting is perfect...tidak menyasal beli. Here is Baby Gaga on Itti Bitti D'Lish...

with moo moo print...

With sky blue polka dots

Here's the fun part, i was busy snapping Baby Gaga wearing the tiger print...when he suddenly went at the corner of our room, and I was busy following around while snapping away when I realized that he actually "pose" for me....

that's it Baby Gaga pose for mummy...!!! do tiger!! do tiger!! arrrrrr!!

My diaper model :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Project DIY T-shirt

I love custom made things, but if you want someone to do it for you, it would be really costly.

So after a few googles on the internet, I finally found that we can DIY own t-shirt that doesnt cost that much...i'm so excited!!! Im so cheapskate oh kan tee hee hee...but hey, it's more fun doing you own t-shirt bah...

Project Name : Arsenal onesie with "ASING 1" print on the back

1. You need a Transfer paper, I bought this at ACI computer shop at Karamunsing.

2. A plain white t-shirt or garments, I got this onesie at F.O.S for rm8.00 and already put an iron-on Arsenal sticker ;).

3. Design your own logo that you want to print on your t-shirt.

4. Make sure you select "T-shirt Transfer" on your printer properties

5. Print

and you get this mirror image printed on transfer paper

6. Iron-on to the t-shirt

and voila!!
my little monkey trying to climb up the dressing table...


wait wait i'm not finish yet....
and of course my own "Team Edward" t-shirt ;)

(because he dazzles me frequently)

but after I saw the new New Moon trailer....I'm gonna make "Team Jacob" too...Jacob's "baadi" is soooooo hot!!!
Time to go shopping for more plain t-shirt/blouse at F.O.S!!!!!


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