Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby #2 Wish List - COMPLETE!!!!

Yay..!!! My baby #2 wishlist is complete...!!!
I'm 39weeks already...7 more days to go...and I think I'm ready already...bah baby kau bulih kluar sudah... ;)

#1. Bengkung/Girdle - Bidou FitPlus Postnatal Shaper
I bought this of at TheBabyLoft, I was buying a few items from here when I saw this at the Buy 1 free 1 section...saya pun trus grab lah... hopefully, no more perut buncits!!!

Bidou FitPlus

Bidou AirPlus

#2. Electric Breastpump - Ameda Lactaline Dual Breastpump
Hubby bought me this for my Christmas present :)

Ameda Lactaline
#3. Nursing Tops
I bought some tops that resemble like a nursing top which have an inner mock the picture below...banyak bah sana servay or kawaii or vunfa ...!!!

#4. My best Friend Nursing Support Pillow
Luckily after I post up my Baby #2 wishlist entry, someone offered me her MBF pillow in excellent used condition, for a good price...Thanks Wy

#5.Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) and Ring Sling
I'm such a babywearer freak...I gotta try dua-dua sudah sia beli ;)

Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) - LittlePods Softpack Carrier (Zen)
MyBBStore having a year end sale that time, so I got this 10% off...

LittlePods SSC (Zen)

Ring Sling - Comfey Joey Ring Sling (Spun Sugar)
After Farrah put up an entry wearing a newborn in ringsling and wearing her baby Emir in Comfey Joey Hunur.
I'm like...OMG!!! I WANT!!!, ngam-ngam lagi Comfey Joey got a clearance sale on her ring slings....trus apa lagi "Add to cart"...

Comfey Joey Ring Sling - Spun Sugar

#6.Baby Bouncer/Rocker -
Fisher-Price: Newborn To Toddler Rocker
My hubby just bought me this today....

We went for a last minute shopping and I saw CT Department selling it at reasonable price...I ask the store assistant to put the box closer to me so konon I can check it out lah (maka lama sudah I've been eyeing on this)...then, I wait for the question that I'm hoping for hubby to ask...
"kau mau ni?" ...
dengan muka yang relax...tapi hati lumpat-lumpat "YA..."

#7.Girl print CDs
Bought sooo many at DiaperSwappers's FSOT.... this will be in another entry ;)

#8.Changing Table
I just found out that, Gaga's old playpen have diaper changing, i just use that one lah...

YAY!!! Mission Completion...!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What I found at Pasar Donggongon

I usually don't buy the 2nd hand pasar baju gantung... I always thought that is for the "polipin" or "oms" to shop...but couple days ago, just an ordinary routine day I went to buy my favorite honey peach milk shake and after that mau pigi "pok" jackpot saaaana toto, when suddenly I saw this one interesting longgokan of many longgokans...and I said to myself , "Is that what I think it is??..."

I found lots and lots of used diaper covers....and a good quality too...not PVC...but much like the Bummis super whisper wrap punya quality, and not only pants and bloomers i think came all the way from Japan by the look of the tags....bukan juga tidak biasa beli CDs 2nd hand from FSOT (for sale or trade) kan... and mostly are GUC (good used condition), tapi mesti pandai kurik lah...hehe

So, saya pun, nah..!!! apalagi..!!! buka langkah...buka selipar...trus pigi bersila bawah khemah buat macam kadai sendiri, kurik sana...kurik sini, sampai berpeluh-peluh ... nasib tiada orang yang kanal nampak sia sana...hehe. After 1.5 hours... sikit lagi mau cramp kaki, and this is what I got....

Cover Diapers

cover diapers, RM5 each or RM10 for 3pcs...

tag written in japanese, I think this is size Small/medium...

Material is more exactly like Bummis super whisper...
Japan made cover diaper (RM5) vs US made Bummis Super whisper wrap (BSWW) (RM40++) cover diaper
I got the BSWW flower print at MiaBambina, she's having a sale tu skarang until 25th Feb...(nah sempat advertise lagi sini..)

the inside of the cover..

even got leg gussets..!!! BSWW tiada leg gusset...!!

have an opening both back and front to hold the prefold

BSWW only got at the front opening...

A very good deal indeed for a good cover diaper, and I only buy 3?? punyalah...!!!

Training Pants

I was planning to potty train Gaga soon and even mau beli sudah some training pants online...
Since there are lots and lots of training pants berdekatan dengan tu cover diapers punya longgokan.... i grab some lah!!

training pants boy prints, RM2 each or RM5 for 3 but I got RM10 for this lot...

and I manage to get girl prints training pants too....alang-alang bah!! lagipun its super duper cute..!!
I got RM10 for this lot...

and I got a few bloomers too...because its super adorable and RM1 each...
Bloomers are to be worn under a skirt or tidak nampak tu pampers ;)

I got RM10 for this lot too :)

these are my favorite bloomers with ruffles...

my most favorite of all is this red bandana bloomers....and can even match with the red bandana Babylegs I bought loooong time ago which I never get to wear on cute!!

I should get more of the diaper cover lah...nanti sia pigi lagi kurik mengurik lah ni...siapa mau join sia!!!?? ;)


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