Friday, October 28, 2005

Let us pray for Eyonn

My cousin Eyonn is undergoing for a major surgery...Let us pray for her.

The healing presence is right where Eyonn is. Her bodily condition is but a reflection of her thought life, like shadows cast on the screen. I know that in order to change the order of the screen I must change the way they reflect. I now project in my own mind the image of wholeness, harmony, and perfect health for Eyonn. I know that disease has no ultimate reality; if it had, no one could be healed. I now align myself with the infinite principle of love and life and I know and decree that harmony, health, and peace are now being expressed in Eyonn’s body.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Smoove Pinch Delicious

What...McDonald have Buffet Ramadan all these while...& we dont have here at fair!!! :((

p/s : got this from Hubbs

Tickle Tickle

We love to kacau Jimonon...he's so's so easy to make him laugh.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Friday, October 21, 2005

Other cousins.....

My mum's sister, Auntie Tilon's daughter Jessica got engaged last saturday. Although my uncle just passed away, but that was on my father's side. I didnt take a lot of pictures like i used to..malas bah ;)

Didi, cousin koyot, cousin Jessica, cousin Rosie & Me, all on mum's side

Kg.Kambayan,Kolopis. The van park right outside my cousin's place. Jessica's fiance is from keningau. Cantik kan the view from her place.

on the way to Kg.Kambayan, u can see stretch of padi fields... i love this pic oh with the miring house

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Last week on 09/10/2005. Mama turn 50 and Jimonon 5months. So we potong kek only di rumah. My mom doesnt even looked 50...macam masih 40 sya tinguk.

My Daddy tidak pandai ambil gambar, my mama punya muka half only. but still her smile looks beautiful.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Funeral

Roses for Bapa Vivi

Journey from the house to church to Katagayan's graveyard , must be accompanied with "Tagung" or Gongs.

Blue, just a symbol to let everyone know that they are the grandchildrens.

In the bus..on our way to Katagayan

Everyone's watching & waiting patiently, while the guys carrying down the coffin. from here you can see the whole of kampung Tuavon

Chong (kakak Ita's husband) carrying the cross

cousins..nephews...carrying down the coffin

My mama & Vivi carrying down the wreath

Pastor Peter Lidadun doing the blessings


Didi & Athena

Athena, Erica & Cyrina

Buntat @ Alex

not enough sleep for 3 days, havent take a shower & brush our teeth but everyone was glad that bapa can now rest in peace.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

My Family

"We will always miss you Ton..."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In Loving Memory

In loving Memory
Jonathan Aman Siambun 21.07.1980-11.03.2005
Irene Sindulin Siambun 13.01.1924-26.03.2005
Joseph Onong Siambun 18.05.1938-10.10.2005

Monday, October 10, 2005

May their soul rest in peace

It is a very trying moments for us, Siambun family this year especially my father. My Uncle(my dad's brother), bapa Vivi just passed away this morning.

After my brother Oton passed away this march, then 2 weeks after that my aunty(my dad's sister) and now my uncle... It just so hurtful to see your love ones go. I know death is part of us, but all in one year is just too much...

Good bye Ton, Abu...Pak... take care.

"May your soul rest in peace"

Friday, October 07, 2005

Lynn is in town..

Lynn just got back from Dubai with VJ... She's visiting her nephew Thomas who will be celebrating his full moon this Sunday. Dunno if i can go to that party coz its my mom's birthday & Leslie my colleague is getting married.

Last night we had dinner at Tg. Aru beach. We liked the band, actually we liked the guy.. He can really sing oh. Punya exited Lynn claped for him everytime he finishes a performance. VJ said his wasting his voice singing there.
Food also nice, we had Ostrich which i think taste like chicken, but i especially like the honey chicken yum...

Lynn, Habis bah the food we makan...sikit lagi i want to lick the plates..kidding!! I like ur manicured nails camera oh Lynn...!!!

Lynn & me, gambar blur coz we using the night mode...wanted to capture the natural lighting.

More gifts...yay...!!!
Lynn got me a complete DVD series of F.R.I.E.N.D.S season 9 & 10. 1st season of Desperate Housewives. A sling bag that she bought so we can be BORIA - click here to see our sling bags. 1 black Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta sleeveless t-shirt, she also have exactly the same one. 2 special blouse that i really love. Thanks a million Lynn... ;)

I said 'special' blouse because they have front pocket... cute kan...!! like em' so much. Now i can hide my perut put things in there, convinient kan...or put my hands in there if i get cold...brrr!!! hihihi...!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wah.. free make-ups..!!!

Kong's friend Charlotte, closed her make-up business and gave away her products for Free. Coolase brand product from Korea.

Im so happy & excited when Hubbs & me went to Kong's house and saw piles of make-ups on the floor...bah apalagi kami macam orang gila pilih & ambil the make-ups...woo hoo..!!!

i got ...
1 pretty red handbag, 1 Coolase black t-shirt, 18 different shades of eyeshadows, 10 nail polish, 2 2-way cake makeup powder, 2 makeup base, 3 color box for lip, 3 eye glitter, 4 lipliner, 2 eyepencil, 5 lipgloss, 2 mascara, 3 eyeliner, 2 toiletry bag 1 box of 31 SPF lotion, 1 box of coolase hydrofighter.

So jangan hairanlah if I get u guys make-ups for birthday presents hihihi..!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yum Tea

A place at Lintas Plaza owned by Kong, where Didi and her friends go for yum char or yum tea plus gossips.

Common over used phrase to start a conversation "Apa crita "BARU"??"

*chik*chak*chik*chak..MAI...*yik*yak*yik*yak*...she made out with this guy that guy...*hihi*haha*hihi*haha...that guy is really rich..

Instead of handbags...Hubbs brought laptop as her accessories....

Didi, Hubbs, me & Ms.Kong, CEO Yum Tea


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