Friday, October 14, 2005

The Funeral

Roses for Bapa Vivi

Journey from the house to church to Katagayan's graveyard , must be accompanied with "Tagung" or Gongs.

Blue, just a symbol to let everyone know that they are the grandchildrens.

In the bus..on our way to Katagayan

Everyone's watching & waiting patiently, while the guys carrying down the coffin. from here you can see the whole of kampung Tuavon

Chong (kakak Ita's husband) carrying the cross

cousins..nephews...carrying down the coffin

My mama & Vivi carrying down the wreath

Pastor Peter Lidadun doing the blessings


Didi & Athena

Athena, Erica & Cyrina

Buntat @ Alex

not enough sleep for 3 days, havent take a shower & brush our teeth but everyone was glad that bapa can now rest in peace.


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