Saturday, December 31, 2005

Oton's Cup 2005

The Siambun guys organizing a Badminton competition among families and some friends. Tribute to Oton they named the championship as Oton's Cup, throphy sponsored by my daddy.

the little drama is i think, they didnt booked the court earlier. so the dewan already kena susun kerusi for orang lain punya tomorrow event .

That's why they have to angkat kerusi to clear half of the dewan.

Mission 007 : to get the badminton nets from a locked store. Mission accomplished : someone (name Anonymous for protection) unlocked the door using i think gunting and kunci...macam inspector gadget saja...go gadget. hihi

team 1 : Obot with Lut

Team 2 : Toyol with Kambing

Team 3 : Leo with Adam

Team 4 : Bony with Ken

Team 5 : Alon with Boy Karuk

Team 6 : Ben with Ram

Team 7 : Steve with Dom

Team 8 : Boy tondu with Jay-Jay

Team 9 : Mike with Jerry

Team 10 : Gogo with Maureen

Team 11 : Gerry with Paulinus

Team 12 : Jorgie with Mayo

the bye double : Ichot with Alex@buntat

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas At Vivi's

Last Year at Eela's house, this year at Vivi' year ours. Maybe lah..

Alon lighting on the christmas cake

Everybody sing "We wish u a merry christmas..."

White Christmas...

in the kitchen doing the cleaning-up...haha hubbs cuci pinggan sendiri. Me cari momom..

Pom-poms for Oton's cup...

Wearing white on christmas...

More nieces Zilla, Michino, Georgia and Wani.

Ichot my cousin wearing black, also came back for the holidays. Eon tekun bikin pom-pom..

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Aateh...

We celebrate dad's birthday on Christmas Eve...I like daddy's birthday coz dia ngam-ngam mau Christmas n senang mau ingat ;)

Make a wish Aat...!!

Gaakkk who stole my cake..!!!

Jimonon loves the cake so much sampai semua tangan masuk mulut..

Everybody wants to be in the picture with gorongot Jimonon...


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