Saturday, December 31, 2005

Oton's Cup 2005

The Siambun guys organizing a Badminton competition among families and some friends. Tribute to Oton they named the championship as Oton's Cup, throphy sponsored by my daddy.

the little drama is i think, they didnt booked the court earlier. so the dewan already kena susun kerusi for orang lain punya tomorrow event .

That's why they have to angkat kerusi to clear half of the dewan.

Mission 007 : to get the badminton nets from a locked store. Mission accomplished : someone (name Anonymous for protection) unlocked the door using i think gunting and kunci...macam inspector gadget saja...go gadget. hihi

team 1 : Obot with Lut

Team 2 : Toyol with Kambing

Team 3 : Leo with Adam

Team 4 : Bony with Ken

Team 5 : Alon with Boy Karuk

Team 6 : Ben with Ram

Team 7 : Steve with Dom

Team 8 : Boy tondu with Jay-Jay

Team 9 : Mike with Jerry

Team 10 : Gogo with Maureen

Team 11 : Gerry with Paulinus

Team 12 : Jorgie with Mayo

the bye double : Ichot with Alex@buntat

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