Thursday, December 08, 2005


Dunno wth i ate sampai i got really bad stomach ache. Maybe its the papaya didi offered me the other night.

I went to see a doctor & gave me antibiotics... Didi said the Doctor here budu betul coz u dont give antibiotics for diarrhea. Oh well, i just take the pain killers. still the whole day masih sakit. So my perut betul-betul kena detox coz i didnt eat for whole 2 lah makan sikit soup & 1 pau.

Last nite didi, eon, eela & hubbs wanted to go to The Loft coz Hubbs is back from India mau bagi our gifts & Didi is going to Sydney with lut today for a week. So want to minum-minum. Silly me go ordered my fav vodka redbull..after one glass trus i dun feel good... I actually SLEPT there for whole 15mins on that pub's couch ngam-ngam lagi got one cute-eurasian-chinese-mix-welsh-guy sitting facing me. Tapi apa sya peduli, Eela said he's taken anyway.


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