Friday, December 09, 2005

Original Beauty

I still cant get enough with my mama's pictures..hehe!!
Now I know where my mama get all her beauty from. My grandma have the perfect nose & beautiful lips.
I still remember that im so manja with my grandma. When we were still small, after she visits us, I would cry so loud and said "Grandma please take me with you"... my mum said she also cried when she saw me crying but i didnt remember that.

This is my mom's family picture. My mama with the pointed arrow

Mama right : I think my mom looks like my sister josie here...


Anonymous said...

Your mom is an absolute beauty and she still is. Looks like you and sibs inherit her beauty :). Those pics are priceless.


Shannen said...

Hi Joyce,yes i agree that ur sis Josie look like ur mama in the 2nd pic, hmm siok juga tingu pic lama2 kan..macam nostalgic

Lynn said...

cantik bah all of you os...


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