Monday, December 19, 2005

Yay it works

Remember when we go makan kari kepala ikan at Eon's place kah where Ella got this one K-box from one of the Korean guest but dunno how to operate it. Coz its all in Korean.

So Eella go and salin all the symbols and ask the frequent visitor Korean golfer to translate it for her...

So last saturday after visiting oton, we lepak-lepak at Eon/Eella/Alon's house. Then someone suggest to try kasih on the k-box since we have the translated instructions. But i missed the part where they got the k-box working...sya p birak baitu!!! So punya cepat sya lap pantat n cuci tangan & trus sya berlari kluar mau test tu k-box.

yay its working...!!!

tapi satu saja microphone masa ni. but we all got so excited mic pun ndak payah bah. nyanyi-nyanyi gitu saja pun bulih juga.

oh course sya yang berabis control the mic & berabis nyanyi lagi...hihihi!!!

didi dancing excitedly....

free karaoke....ini barulah!!!!

Alon finding what song to sing...uh huh even got song book bah...!!! so apa numbur mau main..??? 2910 ..." i am sailling...i am sailling..."

so Lut & Alon p beli one more mic so bulih nyanyi duet...

"i yem selling...i yem selling...home egein kross de siiiii "


annie said...

Hi, sia baru juga start reading your blog which I found is very exciting. But your 11 December entry buat sia tertanya2 about Oton...actually what happened to him and where is he now?

Joyce said...

Hi annie i think ur confused as i wrote "visiting oton" i should've write "visiting oton's grave".

what happened to him?...he passed away on a terrible car accident.

where is he now?....he's at God's side up in heaven.

~kar~ said...

Astaga, berabis juga ko nyanyi tu?! berkeluaran urat bah.. hebat hebat..

annie said...

Hi again, sorry to hear/read about Oton. May His soul rest in peace and my deepest sympathy to your family, too.


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