Friday, December 02, 2005

New 3-in-1

I think this year PC fair was a bit ok. but still KL is way better lah... Me, didi & Lut wanted to buy a scanner & printer. So its best if we buy a 3 in 1 printer-scanner-coppier.
Went there on saturday and the price for canon pixma mp110 is RM399+free ink. But the the next booth sells at RM360+free ink or RM309 without the ink. So we just gonna think about it maybe we come back tomorrow, that is the last day of pc fair.
The next day, i went there again & saw that they lower down the price to RM299. I was so damn happy. Then maybe the next booth may have lower price, and yes they sell at RM295. Still thinking maybe the other booth have lower lower price, its still RM295 but they give 5% discount for UMS student. Bah apalagi saya, trus grab satu coz takut habis coz everybody is buying it. Alas i got it for RM280 from RM399. Plus i get to pick 5 lucky draws and won my self 3 cdr, 1 cdrw and 1 box of diskets. Cool huh....i felt so lucky i thought i could win the RM1888 grand prize, but the other guy standing right next to me yang menang. dammit. But then again im so happy that i bought the printer-scanner-coppier...very convinient + murah lagitu.

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