Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Dinner with the Moosom's Family

We have this annually with the Moosom's family...a christmas dinner with Carl's family.
This year at Atlantis cafe, Damai.

While waiting to order our food

Little Jimonon with daddy...getting cranky here coz its his bedtime..

My parents & Josie's in-laws

Gotta love this picture of Didi...glowing oh dia kan. Bah siapa juga yang ambil gambar dia...ahhem!!. Nice tan Di.

Leslie & Jessica...Leslie putting on a jap style "peace" pose. Baby girl expecting on March...cant wait!!!

food n wine

group pictures....lambat tu makanan sampai..

Mr & Mrs Carl Moosom

Mimi 1st time eating with fork n knife...

Happy with our party packs..

Lut & Daddy with their dessert..

Sisters picture moment...Josie, Didi & me.

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Lynn said...

Very beautiful all look cantik..i like the "sisters" punya gambar...cantik!


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