Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why I love Ebay

I always complained that all the shops don't have enough clothes variety for baby boys, even when I went shopping at Manila few months ago...

Thanks to ebay, they have like 76,000++ boys clothing from the age of 0-3months to 5T... woohoo!! search anything u want...& they have it...and price start at $0.99....argh!!! mau gila..!!

I was looking for baby boy rompers & I end up buying more than a dozen....tu jari bah gatal mau bid.

I got 2 cool polo rompers..

construction rompers by Carters

and more cute boy rompers

and got him a pair of Levi jeans.. hehe...

this is my favorite sleeveless romper by cute oh!!

My most favorite buy at Ebay was this Calvin Klein set, long sleeve t-shirt+camo long pant+jacket for $0.99 only...

Calvin Klein set

smart kan the baju!!! I like oooo

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cry babies

My cousin Flory is in town, just came back from states for 2months holiday...and she brought her 2 kids Stowen & Talise with her...yay!!!

Flory & her daughter, Talise

Stowen is so big already..

Talise 11months & Abrey 6.5months
Abrey saw me leaving (just wanted to take my camera from my bag) and started to cry, then Talise pun ikut cute!!! hehehe.


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