Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gaga's 1st barber visit

Gaga just turned 18months and we decided that it is time for his haircut...mummy's "guntingan" makes him look like a girl :(

My MIL recommended us the Kedai Selamat at Buhavan Square Donggongon. I am quite nervous that Gaga's gonna be like giuk and restless, and ter"cut" his ear...and will cry. But fortunately the hairdresser's shaver was silent and Gaga was not even crying!!! He was kind of excited and smiling throughout the hair cutting process...

smiling at himself..;)

haircut begin...

his new hair cut...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Siku lover

I remember my childhood that I love "gigit kumbang" everytime when i want to go to sleep, I can't sleep without my and my brother Oton shared this "comfort habits", bukan share kumbang ah!! My eldest sister Josie loves her bantal a.k.a "iying" and my youngest brother Lut was a thumbsucker + twiddles his rambut or my dad's hair.

My Gaga's comfort habits is siku, he loves elbows...!!! I dunno why, but he would rub it or pinch it. If i purposely bend my arm, he will force and straighten my arm so he can get the "kurudut" skin ;)

while sleeping..

i also like daddy's siku

while playing, I cari mummy's siku

while watching TV

i also like che-che Danik's elbow...

Hehe, cute kan...
Here, I present you a video of Gaga doing a little bit of MJ... enjoy :)


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