Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Yep, I did an eyelash extensions. Malatup bah panjang my eyelashes now.
Save me 5min on my time, i dont have to crimp my eyelash and wear mascara anymore.


then *kashweng* (pinjam ur word ah carol)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Sushi Party

Another Eon's theme dinner party at T'villa last saturday. Food prepared by Chef Alen. mmm yummy sushi....

Grace n me with little Jimonon...

Didi, eon looking radiant and guest, Ian

Leo, dressed for the occasion..

food spread....tapi ada yang belum siap lagi.

Lut, Jimonon n Josie..

Chef Alen n assistant cook Grace demonstrating us on how to do Sushi..

Grace took over..

Lut testing the sushi..

happy with my D.I.Y sushi...

of course kbox is a must...

Eon happy n contented...now go run naked.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Whoah..!!! my page hits 10,000...i mean kennysia.com could've done it in 1day. Tapi ramai juga actually readers/vierwer sya ni...

Sayang i start this blog lambat baru last year, kalau lah i know about blogging since 2003, where i used to go outstations and met lots of interesting people and where i used to party a lot and when Oton still around. Oh well, what is past, past. Now i can only offer what's now.

anyways, thanks for visiting..!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

BBQ at Luyang for Lut's Birthday

Last friday was Lut's birthday.We had BBQ party at home and lots of drinking, karaokeing and gambling plus cam whoring for the "pandayangs", this party is also for Eela's farewell to Shanghai.

Happy Birthday to Lut & Ollol..!!! and Good luck Satan Eela.

super overload gambars...

Lut preparing the bbq pit..

Seadge, Ben Gazi n Evan (Evan with his famous dramatic pose, click on his name to see more of his famous pose, make sure you have friendster login)....were the first ones to arrive. Super awal 7.00pm sharp bah dorang sampai...trus habis 1 crate of beer. Dorang 3 org saja minum.


Daddy, cousin junior n niece michino..

this is cigarette smoke, not bbq smoke...

Lut punya troops..

Beno, JJ & PP

Carl Kacau daun...rachael(shirley's sister), Shirley & Grace

Dude where's my lamb...

Gerry, tukang BBQ

Gelengan maut Yvonne..

Jimonon awal patah...


Happy with his tiger...

mr. larry also here...

mami n Eela

playin xbox..

Hubbs melarikan diri from that guy... tapi why ngam-ngam u guys datang on the same time tu..?

video games + karaoke

Dale, Nining n Aalon..

I also baru tau yang Nining can speak chinese...

peekaboo carl... hahaha!!!

Georgia lapar..

mayo & Leo

chickies...Dawn, Grace, Abby

Happy birthday to Luuuttt....Happy birthday to you

make a wish..

Eyon pun tidak mau ketinggalan...tangan masuk pun ok..

ambil gambar sendiri part #1
tutup jerawat part #1...cleavage kaituuu!!!

ambil gambar sendiri part #2
tutup jerawat part #2

ambil gambar sendiri part #3
cam whoring..

Bapa n Leo

Paparazzi alert..!!

c'mon lah lets drink...JJ wants me to drink his shotgun.

but nasib ada alfie d sana...

shotgun...fastest way to get drunk...

concentrate main lap-lap..

serious juga kau Leslie...

bestfriends after a few drinks..

group picture

everyone have something to say...kesian mami kena kasih jadi sandwich.

ambil gambar sendiri part #4

hmmm....i dunno lah...

left pict : ambil gambar sendiri part #5
right pic : last pic of seadge sebelum patah...

next morning...

Lets sing now....obladi..oblada...life goes on...yeah..


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