Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day I celebrated with my loved ones at Coco Joe's, STAR. With my sisters n my brother Lut, with their partner plus cousin Alon & Grace...and of course also with my one & only love, Gerry ;)

Didi's valentine partner, Jimonon.

Little Jimonon with his daddy...

i took this picture coz our table got fullmoon view bah...

director spot ... and happy with it

kasut for dinner pun ok...

Mr & Mrs Carl Moosom.

Lut n his valentine, Shirley.

me n my valentine..

Didi's valentine suda tidur..

Josie with jimonon..

Happy Valentine's to my blog readers..


Anonymous said...

OOOooo... si gerry bf kau..
bah, ngam la kamurang tu ;)

Joyce said...

Eih si Jehan pun also here. Welcome.
Ya bah, si Gerry. Hihihi.

Desmond said...

Hi Hi - Happy Valentine bah....i spent most of it with ur Datuk Seri Pairin ...hehehe...he was here for Pariamentarian visit.


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