Saturday, May 30, 2009

Unduk Ngadau 1973

If it comes to Kaamatan ... the highlight would be the Unduk Ngadau. Oh how I love to see those big perfect hairs and 2 inch makeups :) but I hate the nose bridge they always overdone it and make their nose like Michael this girl from Kota Belud for example..

so ketara the nose!!!

First, I want to you guys to know my Unduk Ngadau "kuda" this year is from Penampang, DBKK and Tenom. GO Penampang!!!

Kimberly Majalap representing Penampang

Pearl Dianne Petrus representing DBKK

Rounnah Bab Robert Sylvester representing Tenom

Pictures courtesy from

OK, I know I already made an entry about my mom being Unduk Ngadau 1973, but I want blog and show the contest she entered ....

What I love in 1970's is the hairstyle they use on Unduk Ngadau back then... The classic updo

My mom 1st on the the right....I love her updo here..

top 3 finalist

and the winner mama :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flamingo Mascara

I first heard about this fabulous mascara from my friend Bai, when I saw her I thought she just got lash extensions done...i cant believe that just a mascara.

So I ordered one from a Beauty corner of and it only cost RM33!! Please be warned that there also imitation sold on this item, imitations from Malaysia are sold in Black Boxes and the imitations coming from Singapore are in White Boxes. The sticker printed on the box must have website on it, otherwise its fake.

original vs fake

comes in 2 tubes..

Transplanting Gel (the basic black mascara) and a tube of dry Fiber.

GILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I dont even have to curl my lashes.
This is just the 1st cycle, You can increase to the length of your choice sampai jadi Snufflelufugus pun bulih , by repeating the process of mascara first then the fibers and coat again with mascara...

and best of all, it doesn't clump & doesn't smudge...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fish, Book, Elephant & Tree

I've known about Baby Signs from a pamphlet Sandra distributed while I was buying cloth diapers from her. It is interesting to know that you can actually communicate with your baby as young as 8 months old.

"Using the Baby Signs® Program …
  • Reduces tears, tantrums, & frustration
  • Allows babies to share their world
  • Strengthens the parent-child bond
  • Boosts babies’ self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Makes learning to talk easier
  • Stimulates intellectual development"
from Babysignmalaysia

Fortunately, there is a Baby Sign instructor one and only here in Kota Kinabalu and I quickly sign up with Ethel when Baby gaga turned 6 months.

For me, its not about getting him to be clever or anything but main reason is to communicate with him...

When Baby made his first "puppy" sign when he is about 10 months old, I was really really excited, and smsed Ethel straight away...he looked so cute when he did his sign...

this is Baby Gaga doing his favorite baby signs...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Jimonon

My nephew Jimonon is 4 years old already, unfortunately he was hospitalized because he had an infection on of his ear and made him imbalance until he couldn't walk...poor kid..
This year we just celebrate his birthday at the hospital, with his next-bed-new-best-buddy Zaidi.
Thanks Dena for the lovely and yummy cupcakes ;)

everybody is excited with the cupcakes..

Jimonon already curi-curi makan and Zaidi looking cool saja..

Happy Birthday Jimonon and Get Well Soon!!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Baby Gaga Walking at 13months

Yay..!!! baby Gaga is finally walking at 13months..!! He doesnt want to be carry anymore, good jugalah because he is getting heavier, tapi itu sajalah sakit pinggang mau bubut...adui!!!

Here is a video of him climbing up the stairs & walking...if you watch untill the end, ada suprise lagi from Baby Gaga, enjoy...!!


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