Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gaga's Fullmoon

We celebrated Abrey's fullmoon on the 20th April... thanks to everyone who came.
and of course thanks to Deana for her creative work, the cake & cuppies is so cute & sadap malatup eventhough kana test sikit saja, but tu cuppies banyak lah sia makan hehehe...betul juga, 100pcs is not enough.

Garreth Abrey fullmoon cake made by Deana

theme color brown/ napa satu tu tiba-tiba putih?

cuppies kana makan satu...

oopss ada lalat..

Daddy potong cake on behalf..

Gaga si "gadapan" (kuat tidur) wearing his mummy's favorite Happy Heiny's pocket hawaian green

thank you to koko Allen, tolong susun the teacups...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Congrats to Obot and Lydia

The newlyweds Lydia & Obot

I remembered when he brought Lydia a Tamparuli girl to my niece's(Jessica @ Ika) wedding last December and introduced to us "the family" then my Dad said "Jangan saja jatuh kasut kau..!!" hehehe....bah "Jambatan Tamparuli" kan..

Congratulations again to both of them who got married on the 5th April. This is his reception at Oceans on the 19th April. Welcome to the family Lydia.
Pictures are as follows on the nite of the reception, I like the happy faces...

the adik-beradiks...
Obot, kak Isa, Boy putik, Abang Sirol, Kak Ita, Kak Eeli & Vivi

beautiful bride Lydia..

sama-sama masuk bah...

Abigail Cyril Siambun with Aunty Fiona
Adam, trying to cork out the white wine for Aunty Ella

Aunty Ella:"Bigini bah buka..."

Josie giving a congratulate kiss to the groom

happy group picture 1

paksa minum 1

mau kasih pasang Jerry the bestman with the maid of honor


mama & daddy Gaga

Im not ready....Carl wide smile...

Hubbs & Ella tiatau tinguk apa..
Hubbs, Colgate Smile 1

Vivi & Grace, Colgate Smile 2

happy group pic 2, with Bernie



happy group pic 3

paksa minum 2

paksa minum 3

paksa minum 4&5

paksa minum 5&6

paksa minum 7

paksa minum 8

paksa minum 9...hahaha!!!

Josie tarik baju, nampak nenen

Didi eating the leftover tapau food from the reception

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Drybees n Happy Heiny's

Personally, I prefer Happy Heiny's because of the Custom milled fleece for its diapers...very soft.
I actually had leaking when I first used Drybees pocket on Abrey...but no leaking when I use the H.Heiny's. Lagi pun HH have so many cute print...I can't stand it...!!! I want all!!!

on small Drybees pocket

on small H.Heiny's cute the flower-flower..!!!

HH red dragon...I WANT!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

1 month old Abrey

watching Daddy change his lampin...

"tangau" susu gantung dia, mesti 1 hand yang satu lagi pigang kepala
i love this look, so cute!!!

And a smile for everybody...

Finally It's over...

Finally my confinement's I can eat normal food...other than sup ayam kampung & bread. No talur, no santan, no kicap, no sayur.....semua cannot!!! I had constipation & my taik was soooo karas mau mati, macam mau beranak saja if kasih kluar taik.

sup ayam kampung...which I survive eating it all through my confinement month

and my hair...OMG my hair was so smelly & the dandruff!! jangan cakap lah...Even Gerry marah tidur di bantal dia...I had to wear a bandana. But hair confinement's over on the 3rd week coz I found "LALAT", yes lalat on my hair...and told MIL, dia pun kasian mangkali...but she said, "Mesti cuci guna air panas...bukan suam ah...PANAS!!!" gilaaaa....!!!

the lalat thought my hair wangi...

cannot skip breakfast...nanti masuk angin.
cannot cuci hair morning/nite....jadi bila mau cuci?
ribu tu "tidak bulih" ....

talk about ribu....ribu juga tu ubat-ubatan/herbs mo kana suruh makan...

I dunno what they call this ubat cina for after beranak punya, but im glad dia biji-biji, not yang mau minum punya...

chinese tea for buang the rest of my vitamins...

and this chinese herbs mandian also to buang angin....& mesti mandi panas...not suam. patut juga lunok sia kana kurang...

P/s Good news is, I lost a few kg...but after a few days habis the confinement....macam tidak sudah slim ni...kuang, kuang,kuang...


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