Monday, January 25, 2010

Socks, Tights and Polkadots

Yes, i'm crazy about socks and polkadots right now...thank goodness i'm having a girl this i can go drool and go gaga all those cute little girl stuff..!!!

Remember the shoe socks entry...Yay for Bumblebee for having a Mary Jane in their socks pack product range...I Don't have to buy all the way from ebay to get them... I just bought these from Little Me, city mall.

MaryJane Socks from Bumblebee

Lagipun there are so many local online stores selling cute shoe socks, tights, leggings and leg warmers...!!! There are so so many, juling mata sia tinguk...OK, I give you one local online shop...tinguk kamu gila ka tidak.... click lah kalau berani---> Little Clothes

I just receive a dozen of baby tights I ordered from Sweety Pink Stuff, it is so cute, my sister pun mau bikin anak perempuan juga skarang...supaya dia bulih pinjam nanti haha!!!

Baby Tights Special Edition from sweetyPinkStuff

These are a few with polkadots dresses that I bought from ebay...Oh, I love ebay!!

super cute polkadot sailor dresses...

Carter's onesies

summer dresses...

and these polkadots mitten & bootees i saw at this baby/children cloth shop at Segama...!! so comel..!!

OOooohh, I can't wait to try all these on her...

Next crazyness...Ring Sling...I'll blog about it later...they're sooo prrreetty!!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

32 weeks

What??!! Less than 60 days more??...

So far I already did yang paling banyak kerja mau buat dulu, that is washing baby's clothes, wash and fold lampin and Pre-wash newborn Cds... pairing all the mittens & bootees, making sure the wipes & wash cloths is enough...

When i was neatly putting the baby's cloths into the drawers few weeks hubby said to me "Lamaaaaaa lagi bah kau beranak...neeeeext year!!" I just ignore him... I have a feeling this baby will come out early than the EDD.

Wah, so many things more to little time!!! I need to get the baby cot ready, tilam, bantal & bantal bag...wash and sterilize baby bottles and breastpump and a few pink stuff for this baby #2.

Talking about breastpump, I manage to get a few from my wishlist ;)...I hope I can get more of my wish list "done" ;)

As for my physical self, i'm glad that my feet hadn't swollen yet like my previous pregnancy, but my sister said my hidung kambang :(. At first, I denied that I have hidung kambang, but after I saw pictures of me during the christmas celebration recently...urgh!! I looked so bunting...



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