Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dinner @ @mosphere

Had dinner at @mosphere. ngam-ngam juga Shirley's birthday... since my cousin Rayner not in Coco joe's suda .so pigi test sini lah.

I like the free valet lah, thanks for the info mr.badak kalau tidak jalan kaki lah kami tu naik tu tangga. Hujan lagi masa tu.

i love the ambiance, really nice place but the food price..fuh gilaaa...

the bar...and also u can see the lift punya door...when the door buka kan, then trus waaahhh so cantik (for the first timer lah).

Gerry's niece work as a waitress there... at first sya takajut dia panggil gerry uncle. Tua ka dia dia nampak si gerry ni..!! but memang butul-butul uncle dia pun hehe..!!

lut solo pic..utk friendster bah!!

Lambshank...recommended by the waitress

chicken ..something, i forgot the name..but its chicken lah..
gerry's request : mau juga kasih include logo arsenal di baju dia tu

Lut & shirley specially picked by the chef...yummy!!

mostly people said that the revolving restaurant revolves too fast... but maybe at nite we wouldnt notice it, coz you couldnt see outside. Coz me & gerry didnt feel dizzy pun. Great place to have romantic & quiet dinner with your love ones. :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lut's new tattoo

R.I.P oton

p/s : dont tell my dad..!!

Friday, April 21, 2006


I've never expected it would happen to me. Yup, i was on the retrencment list of my company :( im officially jobless next week. Which is good jugalah. coz i dont have go all the way to Sepanggar. with the petrol hike again.

And no more of these conversations
friend : Oh mana ko kerja skarang?
Me : Sana Sepanggar
Friend : punya jauh!!!
me : mmm..hmm

now all I can do now be a full-time "Rubu" (Running Buddy) for Didi, Eyon, Hubbs & Vivi. :) time get fit now girls. me lah...kamu sudah fit.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kedai Makan & Kopi Sangavian

My Bro in-law's family just opened a coffee shop at Donggongon Square. They had an opening ceremony last sunday. Besar jugalah the kedai...and its halal lagi, no babi.
i was told tukang masak previously worked with Dowish seafood restaurant...bah u guys, go try out the food there lah...boleh tahan juga. :)

kedai sangavian

Carl's mom & josie...checking up on the stock record book

Jess, Leslie(showing off his muscle kunun) & Ronald..

carl & little Jimonon...

Punya ramai urang datang..!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Sunday at Vivi's

Happy Easter everybody...
We had a very nice & relaxing easter at vivi's last sunday...just chilling with the family..

nick showing off his pack...

tuition time for Sam...very clever oh u Sam.

having biskut & kupi on the evening..

Grace teaching Athena how to operate the handphone...i think!!

mama, mami & mama (+ vivi)

nicky boy

sya tidur pun mo ambil gambar...

a must game of Gimrami

left pic : vivi tekun bermain
right pic : nenen time for Jimonon

Athena look so serious here...macam holding her nafas... ter"freeze" motu kana ambil gambar.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Elsa

Elsa is Francine & Joey's sister who is celebrating her birthday last friday at Blue Note.
Everybody was there, not for the birthday bash, but everyone goes there... I met my st.francis highschools friends Carol, Meara, Melissa and Sel. punya best..!!

sisters : elsa & francine

mmhmm...Didi & Hubbs invited Mike(toyboy) to come along

pointless... im so haus, sampai i want to lick the glass..

group pic : osso, Sel, Joey, Pat & Meara. Carol not in pic coz balik!!

Who's that girl... ;)

aww like dog face minta kasian...

Queenie & Francine

Joey & Didi dancing

This is what im talking about...!! someone got sandwich-ed

my girls...

cute ;)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Suicidal cicaks

Happy Monday everybody...
As i was cleaning up my office desk this morning i found not one but two dead cicaks in my coffee mug..ewwww kan. Why would they choose to die there?
I had to throw away my precious mug. Boo hoo no nescafe for me today!!

No post with gambars today, suppose to blog on the friday nite outing, but i forgot my thumb drive which i saved all the pictures there, at home.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Beat this!!! Nah Hubbs, Ken & Didi...bulih kah!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More of Chad

By popular demand

Monday, April 03, 2006


Yesterday went for wakeboarding with Didi, Hubbs and Hubbs's colleagues...
lama suda i want to do it, but got class kan...
its my 1st time, punya main susah mau berdiri. I think i had around 10 tries...itu pun baru duduk saja, belum dapat so frustrated. Sudahlah my kuku patah, then terminum banyak air time lah i go belajar again.

Didi & Rasil (our boatman&instructor)

with little Connor (he's 3-4yr old i think) . he's so cute...!!

Didi pandai sudah kunun...

Ken & Hubbs...i hope they're not laughing at me...

me in the water....mau give up sudah!!!

Ok didi yang asked me to take Chad's picture like this...kunun he looks cute-er kalau basah..

Hubbs wakeboarding

Look hand.!!!
pro sudah bah si Hubbs...main satu tangan.

Little Connor ready for knee boarding...with his mom Lindsay helping him.

Go Connor..!!! Woo hoo

Zoom pic

4hrs wakeboarding...punya lapar kami!!!
We forgot to put sunblock on our back...punya sakit my belakang skarang kena sunburn..!!


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