Friday, April 21, 2006


I've never expected it would happen to me. Yup, i was on the retrencment list of my company :( im officially jobless next week. Which is good jugalah. coz i dont have go all the way to Sepanggar. with the petrol hike again.

And no more of these conversations
friend : Oh mana ko kerja skarang?
Me : Sana Sepanggar
Friend : punya jauh!!!
me : mmm..hmm

now all I can do now be a full-time "Rubu" (Running Buddy) for Didi, Eyon, Hubbs & Vivi. :) time get fit now girls. me lah...kamu sudah fit.


mia said...

sorry to hear Joyce.. Dont worry you are meant for something better!!

Joyce said...

thanks mia....yeah i hope so too. maybe winning the lottery kan..

Yo. said...

o, sorry about that, joyce.

i can't wait to win the lottery so i can confidently quit my job because malas oredi. but if i win after i quit also can.

Lynn said...

hi os...I'm sure there's something else out there thats meant for you..and it'll be better..hehe. On the other hand, I am so exited about the other news...

Joyce said...

thanks u guys...i hope it'll be better.. :)

to Lynn : haa...ha!!

rol said...

hey joyce sori to hear ur news. things happen for a reason, something better will come along for u.

p/s : if u win the lottery, jgn ko lupa sia!

Fridaycat said...

Yep yep, ditto to all of the above! Hang in there :)


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