Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Elsa

Elsa is Francine & Joey's sister who is celebrating her birthday last friday at Blue Note.
Everybody was there, not for the birthday bash, but everyone goes there... I met my st.francis highschools friends Carol, Meara, Melissa and Sel. punya best..!!

sisters : elsa & francine

mmhmm...Didi & Hubbs invited Mike(toyboy) to come along

pointless... im so haus, sampai i want to lick the glass..

group pic : osso, Sel, Joey, Pat & Meara. Carol not in pic coz balik!!

Who's that girl... ;)

aww like dog face minta kasian...

Queenie & Francine

Joey & Didi dancing

This is what im talking about...!! someone got sandwich-ed

my girls...

cute ;)

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