Sunday, August 29, 2010

1st KK Babywearing Gathering

Farrah will be flying back to Sabah for Hari Raya and would like to meet up for a short gathering with who are interested in babywearing, and of course with the babywearers in KK.

Bring along your carriers. We won't have talks. Instead we will have sharing session, learn the how-tos...but to someone don't have any carriers but still interested, also may join us.

potluck style picnic

Date : 16 September 2010

Place : Teluk Likas (click here for map)

Time : Morning, maybe start at 9am (siapa datang awal, minta tolong book tempat...LOL)

Any particular carriers you mamas want to see? just comment here...

Saturday, August 07, 2010

My favourite Ring slings

I promised long ago to blog about ring here it is
Here is my ring sling stash...and I'm gonna tell you why I have them all and they are so pretty!!

1. Comfy Joey - Spun Sugar

A true newborn ring sling. Made from an airy blend of linen and cotton, the single layer sling softens up quickly with a little use and washing, just like your favorite luxury bed linens. Love it!!

2. Mamapatch Shantung silk - Pink Rose (sold sudah)

The V-shape tail flatters you...great for weddings/special occasions.

3. Upmama hybrid - Raspberry Red (sold sudah)

The UpMama is made of soft, strong cotton sateen with just a touch of stretch for comfort. Hybrid means the benefits of the pouch design but has the flexibility of a ring sling.

4. SweetPea - Russet Koto

Its double layer cotton, because its reversible, quite tebal compared to linen of course but its so cantik, so I gotta have it!! hihi

5. Wrap conversion ring sling -Indio Scilla

This ring sling was made out of Didymos Indio Scilla wrap, Didymos is a baby carrier brand from Germany.

I have a thing with Didymos Indio..., for those who does not familiar with Didymos Indios, maybe thinks this just a looks like a boring pattern on a kain, but there is something about indio that made millions of wrap mamas go gaga over them.... I dunno what but it made me one crazy indio mama too.

6. Wrap conversion ring sling -Indio Blue/White dyed pink

OMG so cantik oooo!!! mine mine mine...

7. Psling - cotton candy sijira w/gold rings

punya happy si Gemma

Psling aaah Psling, the most luxurious baby slings from Japan, although it is super duper expensive, but its worth it....It's airy and breathable, supportive, comfortable, beautifully made ring sling and GORGEOUS GOLD RINGS!!

SIJIRA a traditional Japanese technique called Awa Sijira-ori (a method of weaving) which is usually used for making a cotton summer kimono (a yukata). The fabric is highly hygroscopic and breathable. Although made of cotton, it has cooling qualities similar to linen. You will be amazed that even in hot weather, the fabric breathes well and immediately dries.

8. Psling colors - sea green w/gold rings

I can't get enough of the gold rings!!


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