Friday, December 29, 2006

Special early wedding gift

Actually it's a christmas gift from Lut & Shirley. Shirley ngam-ngam ada flight to Taiwan and made this specially made figurines based on our pictures..

Saya hairan why Shirley wanted Gerry & my pic at first...Lut said suprise kunun.
Yay now i got the perfect cake topper..!!

visit the shop website its in chinese though..

ndak juga lah sama with my muka...

ini baru ada resemblance sikit..hehe kudou tabal!!
but the dagu patut square bah...not tajam..

Gerry with his patung..

me with my patung

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

10th Year St. Francis Reunion

It's been 10 years since we left form 5. For me it's been 12yrs since I left St.Francis..tukar Sekolah to SBPS masa form 4...but still anggap St.Franciscan bah hehe.
The reunion was held at @tmosphere, Yayasan Sabah. On 23rd December, 3.00pm. 1/4 saja yang datang...only 37 of us least ada juga yang sudi datang.
Thanks to Wong Lie Lie our organiser for putting much effort for this reunion.*clap*clap*

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Vitalis & Elizabeth Wedding - Putera Reception

Phew..!!! Just got back from Labuan to buy more booze for my wedding. We didnt bring any camera. So no updates on Labuan trip...
but here's Oyok & Elizabeth reception at Putera Ballroom on 29 Nov 2006..sorry lambat update.

Victor & Juliana pura-pura tinguk tu guest list...

the sumandaks..

receiving the guests..


entrance...lead by the sumazau dancers

then the bride & groom's grand entrance ...

suap-menyuap cake..

to the Champagne the video where the bottle tidak pop betul-betul..

bestman tulung pour into the pyramid glass...

toasting..yaaaaam Seeeeeng !!!


yam seng at my parent's table...

more yam seng..

time to dance...

ki hoooiii...!!! mesti tizus tu beer...!!

Mr & Mrs Alex Chuan with the bride & groom

our little bintang kecil...

ready for the family picture

groom & bestman patah already..

special guest singers of the night...


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