Friday, December 29, 2006

Special early wedding gift

Actually it's a christmas gift from Lut & Shirley. Shirley ngam-ngam ada flight to Taiwan and made this specially made figurines based on our pictures..

Saya hairan why Shirley wanted Gerry & my pic at first...Lut said suprise kunun.
Yay now i got the perfect cake topper..!!

visit the shop website its in chinese though..

ndak juga lah sama with my muka...

ini baru ada resemblance sikit..hehe kudou tabal!!
but the dagu patut square bah...not tajam..

Gerry with his patung..

me with my patung


Mell said...

wah... i oso want patung. with onli a pic can make one almost like the same oh kan? heheh can bawa gambar sumandak then use the patung for puga.... gift. i mean gift.



Happy new year!

Mimi said...

punya kiut os...!!!!

Shan said...

Hi joyce, have been reading your blog on and off for a few months now. Great idea for a wedding present. Must remember to use it for a friend's upcoming wedding next month :)

Bee said...

Wah cantik oo the figurines.... very kawaii!!

JACQ said...

I like ur blog Joyce.. but no more updates??

Btw, link exchange? :)

Racheal Narizo @ Nikki said...

Hi. I stumbled to your blog when i was doing a research on weddings. I like the figurines that u used for your wedding cake. I think it's pretty cool. Just wondering how can i buy those? Is it from the website that your friend bought? or from Taiwan itself?

Btw, i saw ur pictures for the gathering at @mosphere. I'm from Convent as well, tapi junior la.. Some of your frens I also know, like, Safarina, Lina & Dina and also others that have familiar faces but unfortunately can't remember their names. Cheers

Joyce said...

dia pi sana taiwan beli..i think i saw bah sana 1borneo bikin ni figurines...sana chinatown ka. tiatau kalu masih ada ka tiada, sia pi masa june time tu.


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