Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I've been working as the System Support for 3yrs now. Most of the time i'll be in front of the computer... since that, I noticed im Short-sighted 2yrs ago, but it didnt bother me until I start my class 2weeks ago. I cant even read what the teacher write on the whiteboard... I have to peek on Ann's note or ask her what's on the board...

Even worse, when one of the teacher use a red marker pen...I cant see/read at the whiteboard at all, eventhough im seating at the front row...

So last nite Gerry took me to the KK Optics at Wisma Merdeka & bought me a pair of new glasses...

How do I look?....very smart & inteligent?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Leslie N Jessica's Wedding

Its Carl's brother, Leslie Moosom & Jessica's Wedding.

I miss the church wedding & the Garden Wedding(Leslie's side)... so only make it at the Dewan wedding(Jessica's side). I heard everybody "aeimbuk" (new ver. of "mabuk" now!!)... I "tapun" only lah tinguk the video... which they had so much fun. Thanks to Leyana's colleague Gary as the video man..Lynn take note!!

Vel terlampau 'aeimbuk' u should see her dancing, macam dancing di Shenanigans.
Ronald, Carl's another younger brother terlampau 'aiembuk', he didnt even know who punch him that nite.
Melvin, Carl's another younger brother terlampau 'aeimbuk' , french-kissed with a fat-malay chick. They got it on video...Sorry Vin!!

but this is all at Garden wedding. The Dewan wedding was nice juga, but everybody behave this time...

Me with the newlyweds...

Dancing with Legedary Melvin Moosom

Ronald (leslie's brother) dancing with Jessica's sister...

Jessica dancing with ronald... notice the black-eye kesian juga..!!

Josie... did the make-up for Jessica..!!

Darlene, Terence & Gerry

Cat in class... meowrr!!!

Class this weekend was sooo boring... but apa boleh buat kan..!!
Have to sacrifice my precious weekends & miss all the occasions & weddings.. :'(

As I was sleeping concentrating on the lessons... which the teacher add his "anyway" & "basically" most of his sentence... I heard "meowrr!!" manja this cat...!!

She also want to belajar kan..
The lecturer even include her in the class...
He wanted to explain us what is a logical statement as in Teory of Calculation...

Lecturer : "Kucing itu lapar." *while writing in the white board*
Lecturer : "Adakah ia logical statement..? "
Me : @.@ *blur*

Friday, July 22, 2005

Who visits me?..

I click on my extreme tracking & wanted to find out where are my visitors are from...

I got cousins from the US, my bestfriend Lynn from UAE Dubai. Hmm really dunno... but someone is been checking me out from the UK & Singapore. My sister Didi from Australia and an Unknown place... i would love to think someone from up above is checking out my blog too... ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to Oton...!

Me, Daddy, Mama, Lut, Eon & Hubbs went up to Katagazan (Oton's Grave) to visit him and send him flowers, birthday card & wishes, this morning. We say our prayers for him & sing him a birthday song.

His birthday card goes like this...

"God made you wonderful"

When God made you,
He used a special formula...
There's nobody else
with your cheerful smile,
your neat way of doing things
or your happy way
of making people
feel good

God made you
different from
every other person
in the world
on purpose

God made you wonderful...
and I'm glad!

Happy Birthday Oton..

Daddy preparing fried chickens...

Hubbs & Daddy with Little Jimonon

Josie...punya sedap ni nugget

Lut & Evan kasih sedia BBQ pit

Jimonon sleeping...ZZzzzz!!

Momom time..

Lut punya chicks...


Troops after a few drinks

Lut with his chix...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Thank you, Love..!!

Last nite my Gerry bought me a new pair of Nike running shoes. My feet really hurts when I wore Josie's shoes on 7k. I really need a pair of my own now... Thanks Gerry.

Then, after that Gerry belanja me dinner at Brass Monkey. I suggested there, because my good friend/ex-colleague works part-time there. Just wanted to pay her a visit... Lama already I havent see her.

I met Grace when im working at Milimewa. When the MIS department was established, there were only two of us in it. I describe Grace as a very hard working, caring, kind-hearted friend. We made a very good team when we were working together, very cooperative, tolerate & understanding at each other. Im glad that i have a friend like her.

Brass Monkey Restaurant.

My friend Grace

Drinks, I had mint iced tea, Gerry had Pinacolada
Appertizer : Garlic bread

Main course : I had grilled honey chicken. Sedap mau mati!!!

Dessert complimentary from Grace

Grace & me...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I found it..

from my previous entry...I told u that i lost my cable. Yes i found it already...

Culprit : My mama

She thought the cable was Lut's computer cable... so she put it at Lut's box where he keep all his computer stuff there... I actually asked Lut & Carl where is it...Me & Josie been searching that cable for a week...but we didnt ask my mama..hmm

Monday, July 18, 2005


Its sunday, and i have to sacrifice to wake up early for 8am class...hmmm :'(

1st & 2nd class is Teory of Calculation & Matematik Diskrit. I know this subject is easy to score. But my friend Leyana@Mimi warned me that this lecturer can't teach & always cancel his classes.

3rd class at 2pm is Computer programming...

I really dont know why the lecturers love to say "basically" ...

I actually counted, 2nd class he said "basically" 16 times. Lecturer at 3rd class she said "basically" 25 times. Itupun tidak campur yang i fell asleep a few seconds twice...whoopss ..hehehe!!!

7K Sunset Charity Run : Theme " Run for Oton"

Oton start working out for this 7k run since 3rd Jan 2005, i still have his gym calendar. He really wanted to run with Eela at this 7K run.

So, we made a pack that we gonna join the 7K run for Oton.
It rained that afternoon, but we still very enthusiastic want to run. I made my own "energy drink" (red bull+vodka) yummm...

spiked energy drink...

Eella still very energetic & excited after limpas 1st check point

Eyon got a strong aura around her after drink the "Energy drink"

Vivi with energy drink...with some girl garu nenen..!!hihihi

I can feel the power flowing into my body...absolute energy...

Eyon & vivi...belum penat after 1st check point... yes more energy drink!!

Eela on the way to finish line...GO EELA..!!

Go hubbs...!!

Yes, try my energy drink...muahahaha!!!

Can u feel the energy??

Vivi walking running after check point 2..!!

yes, we all made it. Finish the 7K walk run on time that is below 77mins.

Dont look tired at all after the run..!!

Safarina & son also came...!!

KK's Band doing their performance...

After the 7K, we decided to lepak at Yesteryear Cafe...Cafe that plays oldies songs. But instead we watched AF3 there...Cheers!!!


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