Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to Oton...!

Me, Daddy, Mama, Lut, Eon & Hubbs went up to Katagazan (Oton's Grave) to visit him and send him flowers, birthday card & wishes, this morning. We say our prayers for him & sing him a birthday song.

His birthday card goes like this...

"God made you wonderful"

When God made you,
He used a special formula...
There's nobody else
with your cheerful smile,
your neat way of doing things
or your happy way
of making people
feel good

God made you
different from
every other person
in the world
on purpose

God made you wonderful...
and I'm glad!

Happy Birthday Oton..

Daddy preparing fried chickens...

Hubbs & Daddy with Little Jimonon

Josie...punya sedap ni nugget

Lut & Evan kasih sedia BBQ pit

Jimonon sleeping...ZZzzzz!!

Momom time..

Lut punya chicks...


Troops after a few drinks

Lut with his chix...


Mel said...

I never forget his birthday.
(Silently wish 'Happy Birthday, Oton'...)

pistola said...

happy b'day to oton. may he be blessed by the man above.

Ives said...

Happiest birthday to dearest pal Oton..I bet he had a blast up there!! He might not be here anymore, but he will always remain in our heart..
My prayers for u, God bless!!

Miss ya 'Ton..


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