Monday, July 25, 2005

Cat in class... meowrr!!!

Class this weekend was sooo boring... but apa boleh buat kan..!!
Have to sacrifice my precious weekends & miss all the occasions & weddings.. :'(

As I was sleeping concentrating on the lessons... which the teacher add his "anyway" & "basically" most of his sentence... I heard "meowrr!!" manja this cat...!!

She also want to belajar kan..
The lecturer even include her in the class...
He wanted to explain us what is a logical statement as in Teory of Calculation...

Lecturer : "Kucing itu lapar." *while writing in the white board*
Lecturer : "Adakah ia logical statement..? "
Me : @.@ *blur*

1 comment:

Lynn said...

so cute the cat!!!!!!! macam my pooch & the most cutest thing is your lecturer biar only...


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