Monday, July 25, 2005

Leslie N Jessica's Wedding

Its Carl's brother, Leslie Moosom & Jessica's Wedding.

I miss the church wedding & the Garden Wedding(Leslie's side)... so only make it at the Dewan wedding(Jessica's side). I heard everybody "aeimbuk" (new ver. of "mabuk" now!!)... I "tapun" only lah tinguk the video... which they had so much fun. Thanks to Leyana's colleague Gary as the video man..Lynn take note!!

Vel terlampau 'aeimbuk' u should see her dancing, macam dancing di Shenanigans.
Ronald, Carl's another younger brother terlampau 'aiembuk', he didnt even know who punch him that nite.
Melvin, Carl's another younger brother terlampau 'aeimbuk' , french-kissed with a fat-malay chick. They got it on video...Sorry Vin!!

but this is all at Garden wedding. The Dewan wedding was nice juga, but everybody behave this time...

Me with the newlyweds...

Dancing with Legedary Melvin Moosom

Ronald (leslie's brother) dancing with Jessica's sister...

Jessica dancing with ronald... notice the black-eye kesian juga..!!

Josie... did the make-up for Jessica..!!

Darlene, Terence & Gerry

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