Monday, July 18, 2005

7K Sunset Charity Run : Theme " Run for Oton"

Oton start working out for this 7k run since 3rd Jan 2005, i still have his gym calendar. He really wanted to run with Eela at this 7K run.

So, we made a pack that we gonna join the 7K run for Oton.
It rained that afternoon, but we still very enthusiastic want to run. I made my own "energy drink" (red bull+vodka) yummm...

spiked energy drink...

Eella still very energetic & excited after limpas 1st check point

Eyon got a strong aura around her after drink the "Energy drink"

Vivi with energy drink...with some girl garu nenen..!!hihihi

I can feel the power flowing into my body...absolute energy...

Eyon & vivi...belum penat after 1st check point... yes more energy drink!!

Eela on the way to finish line...GO EELA..!!

Go hubbs...!!

Yes, try my energy drink...muahahaha!!!

Can u feel the energy??

Vivi walking running after check point 2..!!

yes, we all made it. Finish the 7K walk run on time that is below 77mins.

Dont look tired at all after the run..!!

Safarina & son also came...!!

KK's Band doing their performance...

After the 7K, we decided to lepak at Yesteryear Cafe...Cafe that plays oldies songs. But instead we watched AF3 there...Cheers!!!

1 comment:

Mel said...

well done. i'd have to applaud, ur family line tu very athletic :)
kalau sia yg lari 7K sampai penamat the next day, for sure.


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