Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Thank you, Love..!!

Last nite my Gerry bought me a new pair of Nike running shoes. My feet really hurts when I wore Josie's shoes on 7k. I really need a pair of my own now... Thanks Gerry.

Then, after that Gerry belanja me dinner at Brass Monkey. I suggested there, because my good friend/ex-colleague works part-time there. Just wanted to pay her a visit... Lama already I havent see her.

I met Grace when im working at Milimewa. When the MIS department was established, there were only two of us in it. I describe Grace as a very hard working, caring, kind-hearted friend. We made a very good team when we were working together, very cooperative, tolerate & understanding at each other. Im glad that i have a friend like her.

Brass Monkey Restaurant.

My friend Grace

Drinks, I had mint iced tea, Gerry had Pinacolada
Appertizer : Garlic bread

Main course : I had grilled honey chicken. Sedap mau mati!!!

Dessert complimentary from Grace

Grace & me...


Mimi said...

wahhh... new running shoes... bah, bilalah kita mo pi jogging???

Joyce said...

bila-bila pun bulih bah...tapi di gym lah...kalau mau do bukit padang, impossible. sebab weekends pun ada class. Mari kita pi enroll di Club olympus...


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