Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paitung memaitung done right...

Don't you hate it that the BB creams only come in one or two shades only, and both also seems to be too light for most of us malaysian skins... Last time I did not care less about it, asal BB cream...pakai ja, until DH said to me "Lain juga kau paitung muka kau tu...ndak cantik"......punya pedas rasa diaaaaa!!

So one day, I read this tip somewhere about base foundation, where base foundation is not for you to look white"r" but to conceal uneven skin & blemishes and to look for color exactly your skin. The trick is.... to mix it with darker foundation. so so simple!!!

this is me without any kind of foundation.

I ran out of BB cream so I used SASA HD Perfect foundation for replacement.

04 Golden Beige, it is the darkest of all four shades and yet still too fair for my skin tone.

after I put the only the foundation... punya putih!!!

To solve this whiteness problem.. I mix it with darker foundation..

i use e.l.f tinted moisturizer spf 15, toffee (tone 4) the darkest tone. It is so small perfect for travelling and only cost freaking usd1 !!! Gila murah!!

mix them up together...

after mix both foundation. Better??

and continue main mekap-mekap...

and I'm ready to go...

*heart* my peacock pendant


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