Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lucas VS Amber

Amber : I tumbuk u..(whuish...!!!)
Lucas : hoo..!! (trying to avoid the tumbukan)

Lucas : Hehe...u missed!!
Amber : Cilakak u!!

"The winner is...Lucas Jimonon" *clap*clap*
Lucas : Thank u..Thank u!!!

Lucas Jimonon's baptism

Waiting to be baptise

I love my puting bobou

Proud parents

With Uncle Lut

With the Godfather

Monday, June 27, 2005

Malaysian Idol II - Vote for Shone

As you know Shone Majimbun is one of Top 24 Malaysian Idol.

They didnt show him that much singing on TV on the Theatre Eliminations, only when he was jumping & shouting exitedly at the end of the show.

I only heard him sing when we went for karaoke session with some friends... He's pretty good juga... So vote for shone

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Yay, im also happy today...

My friend Leyana is happy.... Well im happy too...I got a letter from the management that I got an increment...woo hoo, but sikit only la...bah at least ada sikit bah kan...

do some cat dance dulu...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

100 days without Oton...

It's been over for 100days
Feels like 100 years
but i still miss you, Ton
I remember your silly little jokes & stories
The times we shared with each other
I miss you so much.

This morning my dad told me that he'll gonna visit him at Katagayan and bring him some fresh flowers...and tonite we gonna have rosary prayers for him, just among our family.

Oton is a funny guy...if u just met him, he'll gonna make u feel that u know him for years. u never get bored when he's around...
He always have something funny to say, that makes all of us laugh...

One day my dad was in a bad mood, and Oton's phone rang, ngam-ngam on that day oton got a new polyphonic phone... his ringtone was the "Austin Powers".... he didnt pick-up the phone instead he made this silly dad tried to be serious, after he saw Oton... he just laugh..

Oton also love to tiba-tiba say something from a movie scene...
He's ol' time favorite was from
Rush Hour, where chris tucker said : "..for 45 dollar u have to tell me something..."
Kung Pow , Chinese guy said : "..tiger...tiger,tiger,tiger. Birdy...birdy,birdy,birdy.." or "Betty...Betty still alive Betty..."
Starsky & Hutch , Will Ferrel said : " Like a tiger..."

That's why I got this some pics he love to pose " Like a tiger..."

I miss u oton

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories were a lane,
i'd walk rite up to heaven
to bring u home again.

No farewell words were spoken
We Never had the chance
to bid u farewell, with a hug and a kiss
no time to say goodbye
u were gone before i knew it
and only god knows why.

May you rest in peace, dear Oton
though the tears will fall, from mine eyes because,
u were so wonderful a brother & a friend
u will be remembered by one and all,
tears will forever flow,
because your death was such a fatal blow

My heart still aches in sadness
and secret tears still flow
what it meant to lose you
no one will ever know.

*In loving memory of Jonathan A. Siambun on March 11, 2005*

Let us pray for Oton...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Margaret excited nampak orang putih...

another video clip i convert to gif

can see yolanda smiling again limpas margarets group...

who said ur not in the video....

Eih..wait a second...!!

Bukan kau kah tu Yo...??
Sempat lagi tu u tengok the video cam..

Let me be the one two...

Yolanda told me about this video clip of of Mario Winans - Let me love you....the part he sang

Let me be the one to...

She said bida betul...

I just saw the video clip recently...memang bida pun mau mati. I just wanted to laugh when i saw it...hehehe

Now, stuck already the song in my head...Dammit

punya lama saya cari this software mau convert to GIF..

Monday, June 13, 2005

Little Jimonon's 1st Haircut

Isn't the scissor is too big for cutting babies hair...i think maybe they use this scissor b'cos is not that sharp...


Alaaa...kesian oh my little nephew's hair..tidak rata..but nevermind, can still tumbuh bah...

Daddy's Catch..

Daddy just got back from fishing at Matanani Island off the West Coast of North Borneo.

iiiikannn sajalah lauk kami ni kali....

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Photo Album

I add another link to my side bar... a Photo gonna upload all the weddings, Christmas, New year & birthday party photos....

at the moment, only New Year 2003...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

can u believe this guy

I mean i dunno whether he's real or just made it all people would laugh/choke at his blog...

He is just so full on himself...gaahhhh!!!

I present u the Asian Prince Wo-Hen Nankan

----> website : A prince in search of a princess
----> blog: AsianPrince213

p/s punya wap

Monday, June 06, 2005

Lucas Jimonon's 1 month Party

Yesterday Lucas is 1 month old, we celebrate it at Carl's place at Sugud...

Carl's aunty, Vel. Got 6 anak but still so sexy & pretty oh kan she...

My sister Josie, still kasih nenen Si Jimonon. & Joyce Poh Chuan.

My friend Mimie & Ellone.

My cousins. Vivi, Kakak Illi with Yvonne & Kakak Ita

The childrens...Back row is carl's nieces. Front row is, Sam, Athena & Nana.

BBQ lamb...Yum...!!!

More cousins coming. Georgy, Jerry & Pongon, Welcomed by Carl & Leslie (Carl's brother).

My Daddy tukang singgarung whisky...with Jessica, Leslie's Fiance.

Hubbs pun ada...!!

Our next Malaysian Idol, Shone Majimbun & Kinabalu Kings, Siedge.

Carl, Gerry & Terrence

Pink Ladies. Josie & Ellone. I like this pic..!!!

Gabin just got back last Sunday from UK. Taking pictures of Ancis with wife & daughter. Kakak Tondu, Jerry, Kakak Ita, June, Yvonne looks on...

Jason & Carl with Jason's kids..

Leslie : Look, chixs...!!
Lut : How u doin..!!!!

Leslie, Lut & Alfie

Carl's grandma & Lucas

I love Weekends..

Saturday afternoon i was at Rudy's wedding, i met alot of UTM friends. Junior&Mimie, Josue, Tony, Francis Ubo, Herman, Yus & Ellice.

I like it when they decorate the hall with the balloons...The weird part about this wedding was they played bag-pipe like the scottish bag-pipe, when the bride n groom was about to enter the hall. The guys even wear the skirt. A Kadazan wedding + scottish..macam lain juga kan. but nevermind, its their wedding, im there just for the beer...

Rudy and Clarice wedding picture

I like what they did with the Balloons

Me & Mimie with her baby Ellone. Tapi blur la this pic..hmm..mungkin kena goyang tangan si Junior.


Saturday nite me & dad at Tuavon's Ka'amatan. Dunno why only now they celebrate it...still boring juga...same events every year, Unduk Ngadau, Fancy Dress, Lucky draw...Bagus lagi sya join my dad moginum. Nasib sya menang 1 lucky draw dapat hamper.

Tuavon's Unduk Ngadau Semi Finalist. Lut thinks no.9 is pretty. Tapi dia dapat 2nd place. Contestant no.1 yg dapat 1st.

Boy Labuan(Lut's Friend), Lut(My Brother) & Geovanny(My Niece)

Mike(My Nephew) & Lut


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