Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Got a new Digital Camera

As u know all my pictures are taken using my camera phone..which the quality of the picture is not that good...Actually I got a digital camera already, Umax AstraSlim, yang teda orang pernah dengar punya brand. buruk lagitu quality picture.Jadi malulah mau guna. Then makan battery cepat. Trus AAA punya battery yg mahal punya lagi mau beli.

Now I got a new Nikon Coolpix E4600. Yay!! Got a lot of features again. So, more clear pictures to come.

Nikon Coolpix E4600

I wanted to buy the Olympus Camedia D-535, but the pixel is only 3.2megapixels. Eventhough more cheaper, but i need better quality picture.

Olympus Camedia D-535

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Lynn said...

love it love it!! so nice oh dis blog Os! I love that we can see whats going on in both our lives..thanks for posting the photos of the unduk ngadaus of this year..all of them are beautiful! and congratulations Dr.Lynnora!


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