Friday, June 03, 2005

Mama Vivi's Dog

Vivi's mom got a new puppy...

Vivi (my cousin) said : that anjing sana kampung...used to be white in colour. but kunun putih, cepat kotor and so boyy (vivi's brother) pigi dye the puppy with mama punya hair colour and trus the puppy end up in orange. for awhile i thought the puppy punya original colour begitu separuh only the badan in orange and some white. Still not puas hati boyy pigi dye lagi itu anjing...and finally got a good clean colour on the overall badan...EXCEPT the mata yg tidak bulih kena dye and thats why the puppy has this cermin mata effect on him...
mama was not happy her dye habis kena pakai on the puppy hmmm...
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