Monday, June 06, 2005

I love Weekends..

Saturday afternoon i was at Rudy's wedding, i met alot of UTM friends. Junior&Mimie, Josue, Tony, Francis Ubo, Herman, Yus & Ellice.

I like it when they decorate the hall with the balloons...The weird part about this wedding was they played bag-pipe like the scottish bag-pipe, when the bride n groom was about to enter the hall. The guys even wear the skirt. A Kadazan wedding + scottish..macam lain juga kan. but nevermind, its their wedding, im there just for the beer...

Rudy and Clarice wedding picture

I like what they did with the Balloons

Me & Mimie with her baby Ellone. Tapi blur la this pic..hmm..mungkin kena goyang tangan si Junior.


Saturday nite me & dad at Tuavon's Ka'amatan. Dunno why only now they celebrate it...still boring juga...same events every year, Unduk Ngadau, Fancy Dress, Lucky draw...Bagus lagi sya join my dad moginum. Nasib sya menang 1 lucky draw dapat hamper.

Tuavon's Unduk Ngadau Semi Finalist. Lut thinks no.9 is pretty. Tapi dia dapat 2nd place. Contestant no.1 yg dapat 1st.

Boy Labuan(Lut's Friend), Lut(My Brother) & Geovanny(My Niece)

Mike(My Nephew) & Lut


Lynn said...

i love the way he decorated the hall...bulih curi idea kah...hehehhe

Joyce said...

jangan saja ko buat di kdca...nanti dorang bilang ikut-ikut..


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