Monday, June 06, 2005

Lucas Jimonon's 1 month Party

Yesterday Lucas is 1 month old, we celebrate it at Carl's place at Sugud...

Carl's aunty, Vel. Got 6 anak but still so sexy & pretty oh kan she...

My sister Josie, still kasih nenen Si Jimonon. & Joyce Poh Chuan.

My friend Mimie & Ellone.

My cousins. Vivi, Kakak Illi with Yvonne & Kakak Ita

The childrens...Back row is carl's nieces. Front row is, Sam, Athena & Nana.

BBQ lamb...Yum...!!!

More cousins coming. Georgy, Jerry & Pongon, Welcomed by Carl & Leslie (Carl's brother).

My Daddy tukang singgarung whisky...with Jessica, Leslie's Fiance.

Hubbs pun ada...!!

Our next Malaysian Idol, Shone Majimbun & Kinabalu Kings, Siedge.

Carl, Gerry & Terrence

Pink Ladies. Josie & Ellone. I like this pic..!!!

Gabin just got back last Sunday from UK. Taking pictures of Ancis with wife & daughter. Kakak Tondu, Jerry, Kakak Ita, June, Yvonne looks on...

Jason & Carl with Jason's kids..

Leslie : Look, chixs...!!
Lut : How u doin..!!!!

Leslie, Lut & Alfie

Carl's grandma & Lucas


Lynn said...

so cute kan your nephew...punya best to party...jealous oh me you in, another 20 more days you are going to register to continue on with your dreams kan..woohooo you go girl friend (never said that in my life...)k...will be in kl tomolo to jumpa my pongku!!

Mimi said...

yikesss!!!! ada juga gambar sia... heheheh... yaiii... gambar ellone & josie tu bah... punya gumuk ellone... cam piring oo muka dia hehehehehhh...


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