Sunday, July 19, 2009

Juju and Gaga 2009

Recently my SIL Joyce & her daughter Juju visit KK for alsmost a month. Juju 1st meeting with Gaga was about a year ago when Gaga was only 3months old and Juju about 10months. This year they get to play together since they're bigger. Here are the inseparable two :)

hugging her cousin...

more hugs...

dancing to a Barney song....dengan gaya-gaya tersendiri

sitting at Akung's leg support wheelchair

while waiting for Akung kana urut

riding the bike...

curious about the grasshopper

watching barney together..

playing at the stairs together..

playing toys together..

playing at the seats

eating biscuits

playing with hats..

main klip rambut...

Gerry is gonna be pissed if he sees this picture...hihihi

tinguk kura-kura....or he would say "uu-waa"

more hugs in the car...while the mummies pigi bili 4d ;)

juju gerigitan with gaga

gaya street!!

farewell kiss for Juju...till next time


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