Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lomomo on Lomo

Back to manual bah...

It started when a friend of mine Baizurah post an album about her new obsession over Lomo. I didn't know anything about Lomo but her new pink Diana Mini "en rose" was super cute. I wanted one too.

Diana Mini En rose

So I started researching about lomo and lomography... and even joined the LOMO Sabah. Luckily one of my distant relative was the admin, and I asked Morris what would be the best toy camera for a beginner like me.

This is what he wrote to me :
  • LC-A tu made by original 'LOMO' - LOMO (Russian: ЛОМО́) or Leningrad Optical Mechanical Amalgamation (Ленинградское Oптико-Mеханическое Oбъединение) of Russia.

    Kebanyakan toy/lomography cameras skrang commercialized under Lomography (bukan LOMO). tapi since dia Lomography, orang still panggil 'lomo'. actually real LOMO tu yang macam di atas sa tulis tu.

    about Holga 135BC, sa rasa dia under Lomography product suda. China/Taiwan gitu. lens dia plastic. settings pun kurang. unlike LC-A, body dia compact, Minitar lens (russian glass lens), settings pun ko buli control.

    kalau LC-A+ pula, dia made by Lomography. kira commercialized juga la. so lagi mahal. dorang buat market bah. mau cari untung. hehe.

    kalau ko mau spend extra, LC-A la the best untuk mau dapat effect2. vignetting (black corner) dia kuat. "
bagus oh si Morris...

For about a month searching for a good 2nd hand LC-A at ebay... finally I got myself an LC-A, all the the way from Russia...super excited!!

My lomo lc-a
so here's a few photos from LC-A

Fujifilm superia 200

DIY redscale using Fujifilm superia 200

Kodak Gold 200

Kodak Ektar 100

Kodak Elite Chrome 100 *cross process*

Oh I love the outcome of cross process photo using slide film...tapi puuuunya mahal tu filem dia, tapi puas hati lah.

"Don't Think, Just Shoot" Lomography motto.

OT : Did you know my panggilan kampung is lomomo besides

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kastam affair

I bought some dresses for myself on ebay & seperti biasa I ordered not more than RM500, having a lot of babywearing mommies with online ordering, so I know. Sekali today the custom called me(using handphone) & said my barang kena tax " Barang kamu kena tax ya, tapi sikiiiiit sajalah". Then I said "Saya tidak order sampai RM500 pun" so the officer suruh bawah invoice. So I did brought the invoice, and told me that I still need to pay 10% tax.

ME:"kenapa? yang saya tau dalam rules kastam harga barang + postage tidak melebihi RM500 tidak kena tax".

Kastam:"mana u tau?".

Me:"Saya baca di internet lah…."

Kastam:"Tapi kami memang ada tu peraturan kastam CIF, yang kamu kena tax"

ME:"Apatu CIF?"

Kastam:" CIF = custom value+insurance+freight."

Me:" tapi barang saya manada kena insurance, yang saya tahu saya guna priority mail tanpa insurance”

Kastam : “ ya saya tahu, kau mesti tambah sendiri…”

Me:”kenapa mau tambah? Bukan sudah sampai ka?"

Kastam : “ ini memang termasuk dalam CIF yang kamu mesti kena tambah insurance ”

Me:"kenapa sebelum ni barang macam begini juga saya order tidak kena tax, ni kali kena?"

Kastam:"Kami mengenakan cukai bergantung samada keperluan sendiri atau bukan..."

Me:"Tapi ini memang kegunaan sendiri..."

Kastam:"Kegunaan sendiri maksud 3 pasang baju, 3 pasang seluar & 1 pasang kasut" lebih dari tu kami akan kasih cukai lah...

me: (macam cukai di airport ja ni?) kalau begitu saya mau tengok kertas atau buku kamurang yang barang saya ni kena cukai...

(I wanted to argue further, but I guess he got tired with me and ask me to see his higher officer to get more answer. He asked me to take my invoice & take my box to the officer.)

Me: "Hi, saya mau tau kenapa barang saya kena cukai.."

Pegawai Kastam:"Sebab barang kamu bercukai lah..."

(DUH!!! that is the most silliest answer I get from a Pegawai, he even put a silliest grin to come with that answer. yang macam dia paling tahu semua.)

Me:"Tapi yang saya tau, kalau tidak melebihi rm500...tidak kena cukai"

Pegawai Kastam:"oh itu di airport saja...sikit saja tu 10%"

(WHAT!!??? We are talking money here...!!)

Me:"Tapi ada juga saya order barang yang sama last week sampai, tapi tidak kena cukai..."

(.....he ignored me, there was silence in that room, he was reading something on his table like a report or a memo, i thought maybe he malas mau layan saya juga. After a loooong silence he called the officer who dealt with me earlier to come into the room.

The officer came in and offered me a seat, yes I've been standing all this while with my big box. Itu Pegawai tidak pun offer sia duduk awal-awal..i guess maybe dia nervous juga?or being plain arrogant.

... they discussed something about my situation but i could not concentrate because Gaga was pestering about a santa clause game on my phone.

Oh rupa-rupanya he was actually reading on the about the custom duties order. Odoi...baru mau cari & baca...I guessed he found the statement about the custom duties, then he passed it to the officer to read it, saya pun kasih panjang leher mau baca lah... there it is, written there with bold font "...CIF tidak melebihi RM500.00 akan dilepaskan..." the officer took the calculator and did "494 + 1% = 498.94"... still under RM500. At that particular moment, I feel ... I dunno how to explain...angry+joy, but I know I am ready to fire back if they still want to tax me.

Kastam:"OK ni kali barang kamu kami kasih lepas..sebab kami mau cari lagi pasal tu butiran 127 & 109"

Me:"Bah lain kali sia order online lagi, saya baca juga pasal tu butiran...butiran apa sudah tu? 127 & 109?"

Kastam:"Tidak apa, nanti kami yang cari..."

budu punya kastam...ketara tu duit masuk poket.

more about barang tahan kastam on​nan-kastam-pejabat-pos/

Did you know > Tatacara penilaian harga bagi barangan Import adalah berasaskan Sistem Penilaian Kastam Pertubuhan Perdagangan Dunia (WTO) bagi mencapai nilai CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight).

CIF < RM500, means Harga Belian (Cost)+ Insurance (1% keatas harga belian) + tambang (Freight) tidak melebihi RM500 akan dilepaskan. Jika CIF melebihi RM500, 10% tax akan dikenakan.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paitung memaitung done right...

Don't you hate it that the BB creams only come in one or two shades only, and both also seems to be too light for most of us malaysian skins... Last time I did not care less about it, asal BB cream...pakai ja, until DH said to me "Lain juga kau paitung muka kau tu...ndak cantik"......punya pedas rasa diaaaaa!!

So one day, I read this tip somewhere about base foundation, where base foundation is not for you to look white"r" but to conceal uneven skin & blemishes and to look for color exactly your skin. The trick is.... to mix it with darker foundation. so so simple!!!

this is me without any kind of foundation.

I ran out of BB cream so I used SASA HD Perfect foundation for replacement.

04 Golden Beige, it is the darkest of all four shades and yet still too fair for my skin tone.

after I put the only the foundation... punya putih!!!

To solve this whiteness problem.. I mix it with darker foundation..

i use e.l.f tinted moisturizer spf 15, toffee (tone 4) the darkest tone. It is so small perfect for travelling and only cost freaking usd1 !!! Gila murah!!

mix them up together...

after mix both foundation. Better??

and continue main mekap-mekap...

and I'm ready to go...

*heart* my peacock pendant

Monday, January 31, 2011

Yummy Matthew!!

Since Glee started, Mr. Shuester has been my dream man after Edward Cullen...LOL.
Singing and dancing teacher is super super cute...drools!!

Matthew Morrison half naked = yummy!!

look at those abs!! cute shoe Matt..!!

and erm..kau punya manuk pun kiut jugalah!!

Pictures during Broadway Bares 2009

and here a video Matthew dancing the humpty dumpty...and caressing his "chicken" at the end of the video @_@

Monday, October 18, 2010

I did it!!

Yes... finally I finished my Degree studies... I can't believe I've graduated. Fuh gila punya best rasa dia.

I remember I announced it here 5 years ago that I will be taking it.

5 loooong and struggling years. Its not easy... There are good times and also down time, sikit lagi mau give up,

I would never done it, if it is not because of you all...
My husband Gerry, My ever good friend Lelen (thank you for being there for me alll the way, lob you), my penasihat Ms. yatt, Ann George, Bai, Ling-ling, my course mates (thanks for covering me, when I was on confinement), family and friends. Thank you for all your support!!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

1st KK Babywearing Gathering

Farrah will be flying back to Sabah for Hari Raya and would like to meet up for a short gathering with who are interested in babywearing, and of course with the babywearers in KK.

Bring along your carriers. We won't have talks. Instead we will have sharing session, learn the how-tos...but to someone don't have any carriers but still interested, also may join us.

potluck style picnic

Date : 16 September 2010

Place : Teluk Likas (click here for map)

Time : Morning, maybe start at 9am (siapa datang awal, minta tolong book tempat...LOL)

Any particular carriers you mamas want to see? just comment here...

Saturday, August 07, 2010

My favourite Ring slings

I promised long ago to blog about ring here it is
Here is my ring sling stash...and I'm gonna tell you why I have them all and they are so pretty!!

1. Comfy Joey - Spun Sugar

A true newborn ring sling. Made from an airy blend of linen and cotton, the single layer sling softens up quickly with a little use and washing, just like your favorite luxury bed linens. Love it!!

2. Mamapatch Shantung silk - Pink Rose (sold sudah)

The V-shape tail flatters you...great for weddings/special occasions.

3. Upmama hybrid - Raspberry Red (sold sudah)

The UpMama is made of soft, strong cotton sateen with just a touch of stretch for comfort. Hybrid means the benefits of the pouch design but has the flexibility of a ring sling.

4. SweetPea - Russet Koto

Its double layer cotton, because its reversible, quite tebal compared to linen of course but its so cantik, so I gotta have it!! hihi

5. Wrap conversion ring sling -Indio Scilla

This ring sling was made out of Didymos Indio Scilla wrap, Didymos is a baby carrier brand from Germany.

I have a thing with Didymos Indio..., for those who does not familiar with Didymos Indios, maybe thinks this just a looks like a boring pattern on a kain, but there is something about indio that made millions of wrap mamas go gaga over them.... I dunno what but it made me one crazy indio mama too.

6. Wrap conversion ring sling -Indio Blue/White dyed pink

OMG so cantik oooo!!! mine mine mine...

7. Psling - cotton candy sijira w/gold rings

punya happy si Gemma

Psling aaah Psling, the most luxurious baby slings from Japan, although it is super duper expensive, but its worth it....It's airy and breathable, supportive, comfortable, beautifully made ring sling and GORGEOUS GOLD RINGS!!

SIJIRA a traditional Japanese technique called Awa Sijira-ori (a method of weaving) which is usually used for making a cotton summer kimono (a yukata). The fabric is highly hygroscopic and breathable. Although made of cotton, it has cooling qualities similar to linen. You will be amazed that even in hot weather, the fabric breathes well and immediately dries.

8. Psling colors - sea green w/gold rings

I can't get enough of the gold rings!!


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