Monday, January 31, 2011

Yummy Matthew!!

Since Glee started, Mr. Shuester has been my dream man after Edward Cullen...LOL.
Singing and dancing teacher is super super cute...drools!!

Matthew Morrison half naked = yummy!!

look at those abs!! cute shoe Matt..!!

and erm..kau punya manuk pun kiut jugalah!!

Pictures during Broadway Bares 2009

and here a video Matthew dancing the humpty dumpty...and caressing his "chicken" at the end of the video @_@


chegu carol said...

LOL! Punya lah haha...err, he's not gay bah kan?

CathJ said...

Oh gosh is this a Gay club?? hehehhehe...

Joyce said... lah he's not gay, thank God..

Bukan gay club bah ni...I think its the After Party

Bee said...

hahahahah the long awaited traffic generating post...

Oh Mr. Shu..... I think my brain is bleeding out of my ears.

But why is my Gay Radar is suddenly beeping like mad?

v said...

o.m.g. {:O


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