Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st Trimester

Lazy, tired, headache, sleepy, nausea, evening sickness, emotional, sensitive nose, cravings, feeling bloated, alot of burpings, the metal taste on the tongue and the list go on and on and on...

"Feeling sick is actually a good sign that your pregnancy hormone levels are high. This is produced in large quantities until your placenta takes over the job of maintaining and nourishing your baby at around 12 to 14 weeks. "

I should be happy that I feel sick, but to overcome the vomiting & nausea....urgh!!!
I had my 1st and worst sickness on my 9th week, i was vomiting the whole weekend until to the point that i'm afraid to eat's my fault actually that i was not careful with what I drink & eat.

It started when I had this registration appointment on friday morning at the Poliklinik. I rushed to the poliklinik and did'nt take any breakfast, that's my 1st mistake. The process of registration lasted until noon, I was sooo hungry i gobbled my lunch so fast until I was too full (2nd mistake). I'm so full the whole day, i skipped dinner (3rd mistake).

Saturday morning, I vomited twice, I thought maybe the morning sickness already kicking in. After breakfast, I felt sooo bloated, I wanted to burp but can' this silly mummy go and buy cola (4th mistake) and happily burps without thinking any consequences afterwards...Noon, we went to a wedding reception and all the food does not fancy me, so I only ate a little and drink more carbonated drinks (more mistakes). After wedding... went home...took a little nap.

Saturday evening, started feeling nausea and vomiting...then only I kelam kabut went to search online how to cure the sickness....thank goodness my hubby took pity on me and made a hot ginger drink (ginger is the best remedy for sickness in pregnancy). After a few burping and hours later, I felt better.

So now, my everyday drink is either ginger tea or ginger honey. I try to avoid gassy drinks, spicy and fried food. If I crave for cola...I just took a sip lah. Takut lagi jadi macam tu incident.

Looking forward for 2nd Trimester. Till then. ;)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

New Ticker

Yes...i am finally pregnant hihihi... about 11 weeks already now.

We're trying to conceive (TTC) since early this year. I had a false alarm once, I really thought I was pregnant, the test i took looked very positive, I mean the 2 stripes was so terang i immediately MMSed to my closest friends & family, and announced the supposedly "good" news to my family members...1o days later, Kuang kuang kuang...i got a bleeding...macam piriet lah. Well , its my fault I didnt confirmed it first with my obgyn doctor, trus announced to everybody.

About this 2nd pregnancy, i took my 1st test when im expecting my 1st day of mestrual cycle...yeah I know!!! i'm that desperate kan...

I actually had nightmares that someone thought that i'm pregnant already and I know that i'm not.. what they saw was my lunok only... :(

after a few weeks and 2nd test, 3rd test, 4th test fifth test... all positive..!!
What?? i'm sure all of you expectant mommas had more than 10 tests mah!!!..I really need to be sure this time..

pregnancy cartoon
I went to see my obgyn doctor, and wanted him to scan my tummy and to confirm that i'm pregnant...then he said "yes Joyce, you are about 5 weeks pregnant..." Yay!!!!


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